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New Taj confirmed outbreak of epidemic, North Korea seems to be asking for help

North Korea’s state media confirmed today that at least one person has died of New Crown pneumonia in the country, and that fevers are “exploding” in the country, leaving thousands more likely to contract the disease. After has been abandoned.Associated Press

North KoreaState media KCNA reported on the 13th that the General Secretary of the Workers’ Party and the Chairman of the State Council, Kim Jong-un, observed a national emergency on the 12th.epidemic preventionHeadquarters, to guide the works related to epidemic prevention. According to the report, since late April, the unexplained fever has spread and spread throughout North Korea, with 350,000 fever patients in a short period of time, of whom more than 160,000 have recovered. In a single day on May 12, North Korea reported 11,800 new cases of fever patients. So far, more than 180,000 cases have been quarantined and treated, and 6 people have died, including one confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia.

North Korea’s National Emergency Epidemic Prevention Department found some people infected with the Omicron virus after sampling some patients with feverish symptoms in Pyongyang on the 8th. This is from New TajEpidemicFor the first time since outbreaks in many parts of the world, North Korea reported a confirmed case of the new crown on its own. The Labor Party held an emergency Politburo meeting on the 12th and decided to raise the new Crown epidemic prevention measures to the highest level.

The WHO representative in North Korea is in contact with North Korea’s health ministry, but has not been officially informed of the outbreak. The head of a Seoul-based website that studies North Korea’s public health issues said: “As with all North Korea data, the Covid-19 data cannot be trusted, but it is certain that the Covid – 19 has emerged in North Korea, and by publishing these numbers, North Korea is turning to the outside world, indicating that it is ready to accept external aid related to the new crown pandemic.”

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