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New York City extends shelter-in-place curfew order

one inundocumented guestFollowing the alleged shooting of a tourist in Times Square, New York City immediately expanded its restrictions on undocumented tourists.ShelterPlacecurfewThe scope of the order includes a total of 20 rehabilitation facilities in four districts, excluding Staten Island. The curfew order will be effective from the evening of 12th (Monday).

Due to the curfew, residents living in the shelter are required to return to their rooms before 11 pm every night and are not allowed to leave until 6 am the next morning. If residents have work, school, legal or medical needs, they can apply for an exemption from the curfew in advance. Those violating the rules more than three times will be expelled from the shelter. This is similar to New York City’s existing management rules for homeless shelters.

The shelter facilities under the curfew order cover four of the city’s boroughs, but most are located in central Manhattan, including the Imperial Hotel, The Gatsby Hotel and the Radford Hotel, all in bustling areas. wait. The curfew affects about 3,600 undocumented travelers, about half of whom are single men.

Currently, there are no restrictions on access to most shelters for undocumented people in the city. The initial curfew order was issued in mid-January this year, and the first curfew targets included two shelters each in Manhattan and Queens. At the time, residents of Brooklyn and Queens reported that undocumented residents living in shelters were knocking on doors for help. The city said that as New York City leads the nation in responding to this humanitarian crisis, it needs to consider the health and safety of asylum seekers as well as local New Yorkers living in the communities surrounding shelters. Is.

After the first curfew was issued, the city government did not rule out the possibility of extending it in the future. Over the past half month, the number of criminal cases involving undocumented travelers has increased. Less than a month after a group of undocumented travelers attacked police officers in late January, gunfire was heard again in Times Square.

On the evening of the 8th, 15-year-old Venezuelan Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa shot at a guard in a store, unsuccessfully committing theft, but hit a Brazilian tourist, and then ran away while trying to escape. Officer fired upon pursuit. After the incident, Figueroa returned to an undocumented shelter and fled with his mother to Yonkers, where he was arrested the next day.

In addition, the Municipal Police Bureau also recently busted a “speed gang” robbery gang composed of Venezuelan undocumented travelers. In less than half a year, they committed 62 crimes on motorcycles and looted a large number of mobile phones and other property.

Video Source: World News Network One Continent Focus

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