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New York declares monkeypox emergency

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INew York State has confirmed more than 1,400 cases of monkeypox.So the governor, Democrat Kathy Hochul, declare a state of emergency“It allows us to respond faster and allows health professionals to take an extra step to help vaccinate more New Yorkers,” Hocher said of the move.

Governor’s Assurance New York has more than a quarter of all U.S. monkeypox cases.This is currently “disproportionately affecting at-risk groups,” he said.


Declaring a state of emergency amid an increase in reported cases, Empowers local agencies to allocate funds and resources to state agencies to help fight disease, “Once other federal and state funding sources are maximized, local health departments involved in response and prevention activities will be able to use additional state reimbursement to protect all New Yorkers and ultimately protect the spread of monkeypox in our community. Limits,” He says. Press release.

In New York in June, he launched a cell phone messaging system about monkeypox.Citizens can enter “MONKEYPOX” or “MONKEYPOXESP” on the local phone number (81336) to get a response This includes information on disease symptoms and transmission, as well as post-exposure guidance.,

Those most at risk of contracting the disease are those who have been in close physical contact with an infected person, an infected sexual partner, or who have had sex in an area with an established monkeypox outbreak.

On the other hand, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has determined that a specific JYNNEOS vaccine for this disease should be a priority for all risk groups.

Finish, Hochul said they are “working around the clock to ensure access to more vaccines, expand testing capacity, and educate New Yorkers on how to stay safe.”,

Meanwhile, the Spanish Ministry of Health confirmed this Saturday Second death from Spanish monkeypoxIn this country, they have 4,298 confirmed casesAccording to the latest data from the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network (RENEW).

A 31-year-old man was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Reina Sofia University Hospital in the city of Córdoba (south), health sources said. Samples taken during the necrosis under study will determine whether the cause of death was meningoencephalitis or another disease.

The first deceased in the Valencian community was also a young man, according to the same source, and the exact cause of death is still being investigated, although there are indications that Encephalitis is associated with infections caused by viruses.

Spanish health authorities have reported both deaths to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Commission.

Of the 4,298 confirmed cases of Renwe in Spain, there are more than 4,000 males and only 64 females, ranging in age from 10 months to 88 years old, with an average age of 37 years. According to these data, there were 3,458 MSM (out of 4,148 patients for which such information was available).

There was also information on the most likely transmission mechanism in 2,253 cases, 82.1% through close contact during sexual intercourse and 10.5% through close non-sexual contact. As in the rest of the country, cases were found mainly in the MSM population (men who have sex with men), mainly in the context of high-risk sexual behaviors.

However, Spanish health officials have warned if the ongoing spread is not “better” under control There is a significant risk of transmission to other populations through the same transmission mechanism.“Possibly affected by other groups and severe cases in vulnerable populations”

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