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New York Democrats plan to block Cuomo from using campaign funds

Democrats in the state legislature are proposing legislation to block the former government’s Cuomo from spending more than $16 million in campaign funds to prevent his return. (The Associated Press)

new York StateCongressional Democrats Introduce Legislation for Former GovernorCuomo (Andrew Cuomo) barred her from spending more than $16 million in campaign funds before her rumored return to governorship.

State rape. Phil Steck is deeply concerned that Cuomo has used huge campaign funds in a retaliatory fashion to punish those who objectively interpret and exclude evidence of harassment; State Senator Alessandra Biaggi expressed concern over the bill pushed by state Senator Alessandra Biaggi.

Since his resignation last August, Cuomo has used money from his existing campaign accounts with TV commercials in recent months, including a slew of scandals, such as those from State Attorney General Letitia James, a Congressional report.Finding guiltyInvestigate recorded sexual misconduct.

Susan Lerner, director of the voter advocacy group Common Cause New York, said she would have to set up a new campaign fund if the bill passes before Cuomo’s campaign for political redemption takes place.

According to a January filing with the State Board of Elections, Cuomo currently has $16.4 million in campaign funding.

Other disgraced politicians have taken advantage of state campaign finance laws in recent years to raise funds after being ousted from office a decade ago, including former state senator Carl Kruger, who was jailed for bribery a decade ago.

Styke and Biagi aim to pass the bill before the state legislature adjourns on June 2, and supporters of the bill say Cuomo believes he can raise a large sum of money in three terms as governor. Huh.

Biaggi, one of the bill’s promoters, was a former ally of Cuomo, and his priority is to get the legislation done this year.

Steck said a parliamentary committee would vote on the bill in the coming weeks as part of the current process.

The bill, if passed, would apply to all elected officials convicted, impeached or resigned as a result of violations found by the state’s attorney general or legislature. Former executives must return campaign money to sponsors, or donate to charities, public universities, general state funds, within two years of leaving office.

Against former New York lieutenant governor Brian Benjamin, the newly passed bill does not go into effect until he pleaded guilty last month to a bribery conspiracy that led to his removal.

Cuomo spokesman Richard Ezzopardi opposed the proposed legislation in a statement.

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