Friday, August 12, 2022

New York Governor Huo Chu: Bail law will not be considered before new term

New York State has a serious crime problem, the fight over bail reform continues; running for re-election as governorhoo chu(Kathy Hochul) said on the 4th that there will be no serious discussion on reforming the bail system before the resumption of the state legislature in January next year and the start of the new governor’s term; She said that even though it has agreed to reform the bail system and recall state legislators to hold a special session, the state legislature now disagrees.

RepublicanPeople after New York’s mayor and some moderate Democrats have blamed the crime problem on the overly lax bail system, which has repeatedly led to the release of offenders.adams(Eric Adams) has sided with Republicans, calling for state-to-state legislators to call back for a special session to tighten the bail system.

But Huo Chu said on the 4th that although he was ready to re-evaluate the bail system, he also urged those criticizing the bail system to be patient, as the state budget tightens the bail system this year ; Should the system continue to function as expected, the new session of the state legislature will begin in January next year to assess the true impact of the 2019 bail reform.

According to data from the Municipal Police Department, the number of murders and shootings in New York City this year has increased by 40% compared to the same period last year. Ten notorious criminals who committed frequent crimes were arrested and released in total about 500 times; Adams again called the state legislature for a special event on the 4th. During the session to reform the bail system, Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin also responded to Adams on the 4th, arguing that it was necessary to secure the judges. should be given more discretion. bail, “when we propose to modify the cashless bail that encourages the Far Left and crime, at the time of the system, Huo Chu said there was no data to support it, and now that the data is in front of him.” , even then he refused to take action, which is a big mistake.”

Huo Chu said the current bail system needed more time to prove it, especially now that other anti-crime operations are underway, such as the state police seized 795 illegal firearms this year; She said the United States now has a crime problem. It’s also largely, “The problem can’t be simplified, that’s never been my strategy.”

Huochu also said that even though she supports changing the bail system, State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-cousin and State President Carl Hasty will no longer support it; The state legislature can only come to an agreement to recall them for a particular session if they also have the will. That is the reality, and we have to face it.”


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