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New York jury indicts ex-NRA CEO for embezzlement in corruption case

A New York jury ruled today that former National Rifle Association (NRA) CEO Wayne LaPierre committed corruption and mismanaged the organization and must pay nearly $4.4 million.

The jury said Lapierre, 74, must repay about $4.4 million to the National Rifle Association, which he led for 30 years, according to reports by the Associated Press and AFP.retireChief financial officer Wilson Phillips is owed $2 million.

The jury also found that the NRA failed to properly manage its assets, omitted or misrepresented information in tax returns, and violated New York’s whistleblower protection statute.

new York StateAttorney General Letitia James said LaPierre and an NRA executive must pay a $6.35 million fine for “years of corruption and greed.”

In a civil lawsuit, LaPierre was accused of using the NRA as a personal cash machine, and a jury determined that his misconduct caused the NRA to lose $5.4 million, although he later recovered $1 million of this. Paid it.

Lapierre announced his resignation in January this year, citing health reasons but did not give a reason.

Today’s decision comes as a result of Lexia James’ lawsuit against LaPierre and NRA leadership in August 2020.

Lexia James called the jury’s verdict “a huge victory”. He posted on social platforms

“Everyone, including the National Rifle Association and LaPierre, should play by the same rules,” James said.

James said before the trial began that LaPierre and other senior officials embezzled millions of dollars in NRA funds to pay for a lavish personal lifestyle, including private jets, expensive meals and family trips.

The National Rifle Association highlighted part of the decision in a statement today, saying it was “victimized by certain former suppliers and ‘insiders’ who abused the trust placed in them.”



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