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New York state congressman, state senator primary election postponed to August 23

A federal judge rejected a Democrat’s request for the primaries to still be held in June The photo shows New York voters voting in the general election. (The Associated Press)

new York StateThe High Court had earlier ruled thatDemocratsControlled state legislature introduced by Congressmen and statessenatorRedrawing the constituency map was unconstitutional, and a decision was made to postpone the two primary elections until August 23, but the decision was sued in federal court by the Democrats; The Federal Court for the Northern District of New York ruled on the evening of an 11th and dismissed the Democrats’ appeal, upholding the original decision.

The Democratic Congressional Campaigns Committee, which funded the lawsuit, argued that delaying the primary until August could violate New York state federal laws that require immediate voting for military members overseas, one such Steps that have still been found to use the map of constituencies. be unconstitutional.

But Judge Gary Sharp of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York dismissed the concern, saying “the postponed primary election will use a newly drawn map of congressional districts and has yet to meet the requirements of federal law.” There’s also enough time.”

Democrats filed a lawsuit last week in federal court for the Southern District of New York, seeking an injunction against the state court’s decision and requiring all primary elections to be held as scheduled in June, but Judge Lewis Kaplan told Democrats that rejected the decision. The proposition is “all or nothing”.

Democrats can still move the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, but legal experts see little chance of winning and are unlikely to overturn the decisions of the court’s first two judges, especially since neither New York State Board of Elections Nor did the Federal Department of Justice object to the delay in the initial decision. Chosen.

Last week, State Superior Court Judge Patrick McAllister and his appointee Jonathan Servus, who made the first round of decisions, heard testimony from nearly 20 community groups and voters. Gass will present the redrawn district map to state legislatures and courts on the 16th, but Democrats are calling for more public hearings.

If nothing else happens, the New York state primary will be held in two races. The State House of Representatives Primary and Governor’s Primary where the district map is not affected will be held on June 28 as originally scheduled. The state senator and congressional primary will be held on August 23. The state legislature has called for additional funding for local election boards to deal with the change.

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