New York State Legislature passes Taiwan-friendly resolution to support Taiwan’s participation in WHO

State Senator Luis Sepulveda (fourth from left) presented a certificate of congratulations to Ambassador Li Guangzhang (third from left) and State Senator Liu Chunyi (second from left) at the “Taiwan Friendship Tea Party”. (Provided by Taipei Scripture Office in New York)

World Health Assembly (WHA) is coming soon,new York StateThe Senate and the House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution to celebrate “Taiwan Heritage Day” on the 10th and support Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Organization (WHO).WHO, The first “Taiwan Friendship Reception” was held on the same day. About 30 state legislators attended, and paintings by internationally renowned artist Zheng Liyun are on display at the Albany Museum of History and Art, infusing the capital with a strong Taiwanese flavor. ,

Ambassador Li Guangzang, Director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York, Zeng Weicang, President of the New York Chinese Association, Su Chunhui, President of the Taiwan Association, Fang Ziurong, Vice President, Bai Yuqing, President of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in New York, Tian Limei , Director of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, and founder of the Taiwanese and American Culture Promotion Association in the New York State Capital District, Chen Zhongqin, and Vice President of the New York State Capital District Taiwan Association, Jian Shaubang, VIPs for the passage of the Taiwan Friendship Resolution As was invited to Parliament, and exchanged views with members through the Friends Taiwan Friendship Tea Party on how to deepen anti-Asia ties between Taiwan and New Zealand. York State Ethnic Hate Crimes, Business,Educatedand cultural exchange.

The proposals were led by State Senate Municipal Committee Chairman Luis Sepulveda and State House of Representatives Assistant Speaker Phil Ramos.

The resolution insists that Taiwan-US relations develop solidly on the basis of the “Taiwan Relations Act” and share with each other the values ​​of democracy and freedom. Taiwan is an essential partner of the United States in the Indo-Pacific region. , and peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait is important; The United States will continue to support Taiwan’s participation in the WHO, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL).

The resolution also pointed out that in 2021, Taiwan will become the eighth largest trading partner of the United States and the 17th largest export market of New York State, creating more than 10,000 jobs for the state, and mutual benefit. With respect to “Double Taxation Agreement” (ADTA) and “Bilateral Trade Agreement” (BTA).

The “Taiwan Friendship Tea Party” was hosted by New York City Board of Education’s Senate President John Liu, City Council President Luis Sepulveda and Asia-Pacific Working Co-Chair Yuh-Line Niu. Group of Representatives.

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