Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Newell was inexplicably beaten by Dean who was ahead of him more than ever

The Newells point guard turned against Atlético Tucuman, and Lema’s free-kick from 7 feet jeopardized Lampe’s goal and went wide.

In the 14th minute, Herrera blundered on goal kick after being cut in by local Ruiz Rodriguez and shot near the right post of the Leprosy goal. SportsAR/status/1553529538990280711

The game presented a similar process, with Newell’s attempts and the local team unable to control the ball in attack, so 24′ Mendes tried from near Lampe’s post.

In the 28th minute, Carrera kicked Herrera on the right flank.

Dean was leveling the controls and even at 34, Luciano hit Lampe’s crossbar with a cross from inside the area Riso Patron was trying to clear.

In the 43rd minute, Dean Ruiz crossed from Rodriguez to Rius, who made a cross and Carrera’s shot was saved by Mendes’s cross. SportsAR/status/1553535983009816577

Leprosy and Dean go to rest at zero. The trip is off to a good start, but the locals are matching it, albeit with no real threat to the opponent’s goal.

Newell tied with Atlético Tucumán at the start of the addition.

Leprosy striker Ramiro Sodo reacted to a serious foul by Gil Romero, who was booked, and Melos showed him a red card in the 53rd minute but reversed his decision after consultation.

Sanguinetti moved on the bench to find a leper’s response, but Ruiz Rodriguez faced from the right, removing Luciano and Dita, whose cross was added by Carrera in the 73rd minute , which marked the opening for the locals. SportsAR/status/1553548651422687233

The locals reached second again, with Lotti connecting to the right and crashing into Lampe’s right post. SportsAR/status/1553550121136275457

It was all over for Newell in extra-time on the final goal, and even Herrera started looking for a header, but Tessuri picked up the ball after a local defence cleared and before Dita’s desperate return half of . The court, unable to stop the auction, has turned into a new entrant at 2-0.

Newell didn’t have a job, just silenced in Tucuman. SportsAR/status/1553555612973293568

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