Newell’s tour of Arsenal in continuation of Professional League date 21

U.S.A.Newell's tour of Arsenal in continuation of Professional League...


Newells will visit sarandi armory Your interim DT . with a mission to achieve adrian taffreli Something that he could not do with the last three coaches: Won three consecutive matches during 2021.

Combination, prepared in continuation of professional football league date 21 (LPF), will be played from 17 in the stadium Julio Grondona, will be mediated by andres merlos and by television Janta TV.

Rosario team hard with weak campaign in domestic tournament 23 points, surpassed in his last two productions Independent (1-0) and union of santa fe Both matches under the technical direction of (1-0) Tafreli (ex dt of reserve), and If he wins in Sarandi, he will achieve what the leaders in 2021 could not: Frank Dario Kudelka, Germán Burgos and Fernando Gamboa.

With regard to training, leprosy Will present two types with respect to the team defeating tetengu, with income from Diego Calcatera By Christian Lema (right additive stress) and Juan Fernando Garros for teens Roman Bravo.

at Arsenal, who is last with only 16 digits And this Independent (3-0), Coach. comes from beating by Israel Demonte casts two doubts: emiliano vivros hey Juan Andrada in midfield, and Bruno Sepulveda hey Nicolas Mazzola Front.

The history between the two is 29 games, with 10 wins for Newell, 7 for Arsenal and 12 draws.

possible structures

armory: Alejandro Medina; Ignacio Gariglio, Emiliano Mendez, Gaston Suso and Emiliano Papa; Brian Farioli, Emiliano Viveros or Juan Andrada, Lionel Pico and Facundo Kruspzki; Bruno Sepulveda or Nicolas Mazzola and Lucas Albertengo. DT: Israel Demonte.

Newell’s Old Boys: Ramiro McGagno; Tomas Jacob, Diego Calcatera, Jose Canale and Mariano Bittolo; Maximiliano Comba, Jeronimo Cacciabue, Pablo Perez and Francisco González, Ignacio Scocco and Juan Fernando Garro. DT: Adrian Tafferell.

punch: Andres Merlos.

basketball court: armory

start time: 17.

TV: Janata TV.

Racing vs Colon de Santa Fe

El Sablero remembers the final that they defeated the Académie in Santiago del Estero.  Photo: Telam
El Sablero remembers the final that they defeated the Académie in Santiago del Estero. Photo: Telam

race, which accumulates six dates without a win Feather Cylinder from Avellaneda, will receive Santa Fe’s Colon With the urgency to add a win that will bring him back into the classification zone 2022 South American Cup.

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game will be played on President Peron Stadium -Where academia collects three draws and three losses – from 19.15, with the mediation of Diego Abala and television TNT Sports.

team of fernando gago Two critical absences would be accompanied by their tears Eugenio Mena, playing for Chile in the South American qualifiers for Qatar 2022, and that Matias Rojas, Joe also suffered a muscle injury while acting for the Paraguay team.

for its part, Abdomen, which was a historic 2021 when receiving, just before race, ns Professional League Cup, the qualification is already guaranteed for you Copa Libertadores 2022 for that achievement and trying to finish Eduardo Dominguez As a coach, in the best possible way in domestic tournaments.

Santa Fe Team Will Have Tone Absence Rafael Delgado and suspended Faasundo Garces and Faisundo Farias, Except for playing with a central defense, which he never used unified Bruno Bianchi and Gonzalo Piovti.

in history they played 76 times And Racing has a 25 win advantage against 21 of “Sableros”, as well as 30 draws.

possible structures

race: Gabriel Arias, Ivan Pilud, Leonardo Sigli, Neri Dominguez and Fernando Prado; Carlos Alcaraz, Mauricio Martinez and Lionel Miranda; lisandro lopez; Enzo Copetti and Javier Correa. DT: Fernando Gago.

Abdomen: Leonardo Burian; Eric Mezza, Bruno Bianchi, Gonzalo Piovi and Nahuel Gallardo; Federico Lertora; Alexis Castro, Rodrigo Aliandro, Christian Bernardi and Christian Ferreira; Lucas Beltran. DT: Eduardo Dominguezu

punch: Diego Abel.

basketball courtRacing Club.

start time: 19.15.

TV: TNT Sports


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