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Newlyweds in Utah identified as suspects after FBI ruled out Brian Roundry

Authorities in Utah have identified a suspect in the death of a now-dead newlyweds who complained that a ‘creepy’ person was camping near them — then slain Long Islander Gaby Petitto from the scene Missing when missing.

Adam Pinkusiewicz pleaded guilty to killing Crystal Turner, 38, and her wife, Kylen Schulte, 24, who were found dead near Moab on August 18, 2021.

He worked at the same McDonald’s as Turner, police said.

At the time, the FBI had ruled out Petitto’s boyfriend, Brian Laudley, as their killer, and he and his girlfriend remained missing.

Sheriff Steven White said Pinkusevich fled Utah and committed suicide within weeks of the killing.

Police are now publicly identifying him after they recently learned of a confession in which he mentioned specific details that have not been publicly disclosed.

Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte were found dead near Moab on August 18, 2021.
Before their deaths, Crystal Turner and Karen Schulte had complained about a “creepy” person camping near them.

“If nothing else, this will be the closure of this family,” said White, who declined to say where Pinkusiewicz committed suicide.

Authorities are investigating whether Pinkusiewicz was the “creepy” man Schulte told friends he saw near the camp shortly before his death.

They said the case was still pending and they were still working on new evidence and seeking new information about his recently found car.

Adam Pinkusevich.
Adam Pinkusiewicz fled Utah and committed suicide within weeks of the killing.
County Sheriff’s Office

The medical examiner confirmed that Schulte and Turner – who also used the name Crystal Baker – were shot “multiple times” but were not sexually assaulted.

They were last seen on August 12, the day before Laundrie and Petito were pulled over by Moab police during a family fight, and their bodies were later found at the campsite by a friend who was looking for them.

Laudry later admitted to killing Petitto in a notebook entry he wrote shortly before his suicide, the FBI said.

Gaby Petitto and Brian Laudry.
The FBI ruled out Brian Laudley as the killer of Crystal Turner and Karen Schulte, while he and Gabby Petitto are still missing.

Schulte’s father, Sean-Paul Schulte, previously told KSL news radio that “the speculation of cyber detectives” would be distracting as they search for the couple’s real killer.

“They told us that Brian and Gabi were not involved in our case. We have no reason to dispute that,” he said, adding that the only known link was that all four were in Moab at the same time.

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