Newsom has asked companies to run away from Republican state status for California

Life in the liberal and conservative-led areas of the country is evident with the reality of arbitrary control over most states. Only the state governments of Minnesota and Virginia have delegated control of the legislature to the two major parties, up from 15 three years ago.

California, the most populous state in the US, has called on Democrats to strongly oppose Republican efforts to tighten laws on social issues and support the state for women, homosexuals and transgender people, especially in its governorate. A state. Others who suffer. Shelter for those who have been discriminated against. Rights are being suppressed in other countries.

“Don’t think about where it stops,” Mr Newsom said in a speech outside the Planned Parenthood building in Los Angeles last week after the Supreme Court’s pending draft opinion was leaked. .. will find you. “

The governor’s remarks led to some heated political controversy with Republican state leaders. On Wednesday, Florida government spokesman Desantis, widely regarded as the Republican presidential candidate, accused NewSome of “spreading false information about other states.”

“Florida does not restrict anyone’s rights,” spokeswoman Christina Parsha wrote in an email. “If Governor NewSom focuses on solving his state’s problems, perhaps fewer businesses and residents will flee California.”

To Attract Business to California Newsom’s proposal updates tax credits, employer grants and other business incentive programs that “provide additional scrutiny for companies leaving the states with restrictions on reproduction rights and LGBTQ + laws.”

Last month, Florida lawmakers revoked Disneyland’s special tax district status following Disney’s condemnation of Florida’s education law and the suspension of political donations in the state, giving the company, the state’s largest owner, autonomy over an area of ​​25,000 acres. Complex.

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