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Next killer bacteria after new crown have antibiotic resistance as high as 90%, WHO: There may be no cure

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The US CDC reports that the proportion of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has increased following the COVID-19 pandemic, and the World Health Organization (WHO) even warned that “there may be no cure.”

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The United States’ CDC warned in June this year that the proportion of antibiotics used by critically ill patients has increased following the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in an increase in the proportion of drug-resistant bacteria . The World Health Organization (WHO) also emphasized the theme of “prevent antimicrobial resistance together” in the “World Antibiotic Week” in November this year, stressing that “if we do not act today, we will have no There will be no cure.”

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Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare Department of Disease Control and Taiwan Infectious DiseasesmedicineThe Taiwan Association of Thoracic and Intensive Care Medicine and the Taiwan Society of Infection Control promote the rational use of antibiotics. Director Zhou Zhihao called for interdisciplinary cooperation on the medical side to optimize the use of antibiotics, the public side strengthened the “four don’ts and one don’ts”, including the initiative to ask “no” to antibiotics is, “do not buy antibiotics for yourself”, “do not” eat other people’s antibiotics, “do not” “stop the medicine at will, and must follow the doctor’s advice to use antibiotics”.

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Wang Hejian, president of the Taiwan Thoracic and Intensive Care Medicine Association, pointed out that if COVID-19 patients are combined with drug-resistant bacterial infections, the hospitalization time will increase by 3 to 5 times, and the infection rate and mortality The increase will increase. Pathogen test reports of patients in the intensive care unit have increased the proportion of certain bacteria resistant to antibiotics, according to surveillance reports from the CDC’s Hospital Infection Control and Drug Resistance Surveillance System (THAS) in the first quarter of 2022. up to 90%. If the problem of antibiotic resistance continues to spread, one in five people in Taiwan could die from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections by 2050.

In this regard, Wang Fude, president of Taiwan Society of Infectious Disease Medicine, said that antibiotic management and implementation of infection control measures can effectively reduce deaths from drug-resistant bacteria by 18%. These measures rely on the intervention of infectious disease physicians. However, “Taiwan’s transition department is almost unavailable.” More than half of regional hospitals have only one infectious disease physician, and the number of infectious disease specialist candidates is declining year by year. Last year, there were only 20, which is less than half of what was there 10 years ago. There is a serious shortage of talents. Shortage. The solution lies in the inclusion of “infection control operations and antibiotic management in medical institutions” in the payment items of health insurance, which enhances incentives.

Chen Yijun, chairman of the Taiwan Society for Infection Control, also said that the National Taiwan University noticed that the new crownEpidemicsince the mergercancerComplex medication of patients diagnosed with critical illnesses has led to an increase in the number of drug-resistant bacterial infections in intensive care units. She reminded the public to break three myths about the use of antibiotics, including “fever is not necessarily an infection”, “infection is not necessarily a bacterial infection”, “antibiotics are only part of antimicrobial preparations”. There are many different types of infections, and different types of infections require different drug treatment”, calling for a combination of infection control and antibiotic management to address the crisis of drug resistance.

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