NFL Rams Chi Youjun is heartbroken that Asians have been discriminated against and want to speak up for rights

Los Angeles Rams safety Chi Yujun is the highest draft Chinese player in the centuries-old history of the NFL. Offering the Rams

2019NFLIn the draft, the Los Angeles Rams selected safety Taylor Rapp from the University of Washington; He is the highest overall selection in the century-old history of the NFL.Sugarplayer, and the Rams win the 2022 Super Bowl final. This year, Chi Yujun, 24, hopes to get better and better,AsianRights speak.

Chi Yujun’s mother, Chi Yan, is from Shanghai, and her father, Chris, is Canadian. As a mixed race kid, Chi Yujun never shies away from saying that she has faced injustice because of her looks. He said that even now, there are people around who tell some jokes against Asian people. Although the other side thinks it’s a joke, he encourages everyone to fight bravely or express their dissatisfaction. Due to the pandemic, many Asians have faced racial discrimination and hate crimes. He felt great heartache and anger when he saw images of elderly Asians being pushed down and some people killed or injured, which reminded him of living in a Chinese district. Seattle. Grandparents. So whenever he has the opportunity, he will be ready to stand up for the rights and interests of Asian Americans, and use his real actions to tell people what is right and what is wrong.

When Chi Yujun was growing up, there were no Chinese American football players to idolize, and it was generally believed that Chinese Americans were not suited to American football. As the only Chinese-American face in the NFL, Chi Yujun said, “I always hope that my experience can encourage those Asian-American teens not bound by professions like lawyers and doctors, to pursue their dreams.” To enhance and work hard for them. Whoever you are, whatever you look like, as long as you are willing to work hard for your dreams, everything is possible, and he is an example.

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