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NFL trade: Raiders acquire Josh McDaniels Sr. favorite from Patriots

The New England Patriots and Las Vegas Raiders traded early in the morning to send the old Josh McDaniels favorite out of the West.

Hearing about trades this NFL offseason feels more normal than ever. The entire start of a new league year is defined by moving pieces and overall pieces.

Russell Wilson, Davante Adams, Deshaun Watson and Tyreke Hill all join the new team, Baker Mayfield, Jimmy Garoppolo and Debow Samuel May be added soon.

Another trade was made Thursday morning, however, it was a much smaller shakeout than the rest of the offseason. Still, it’s a very deliberate move for a new head coach to build a new culture with his new team.

According to both parties Boston correspondent James Stewartand confirmed by SI’s Albert Breer that the Patriots and Raiders are trading quarterback Jarrett Stidham for a late lottery, or so-called, third-day pick.

Jarrett Stidham trade: Patriots, Raiders in low-risk QB swap

Stidham was clearly with McDaniels during his time in New England, and it’s no secret that the coach and quarterback have a close relationship. Anyone who may not know knows, after McDaniel deliberately pried Stidham from his old mentor Bill Belichick.

It’s a win-win move, and on the surface it appears to have little impact. Once the team drafts Bailey Zappe, Stidham will run out of real estate in the Patriots quarterback room and will likely compete with De’Eriq King for the third spot behind Brian Hoyer and starter Mac Jones.

Of course, any time Belichick makes a trade, especially with his former coach, one has to wonder what the other shoe is and when it will drop. Stidham won’t be competing for the starting spot in Las Vegas, where he’ll likely help transition from the old Raiders offense to the system McDaniels will install. But Belichick would never help another coach, even if it seemed that way.

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