Nicaragua: Former priest Edgar Parrales accused of “inciting violence”

U.S.A.Nicaragua: Former priest Edgar Parrales accused of "inciting violence"

Edgar Parales, former Nicaraguan ambassador to the OAS in Managua (1982–1986) (Photo: EFE)

Former Nicaraguan Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) Edgar Parales, critic of the President Daniel Ortega, He was accused by the Public Ministry of “inciting violence”, reported this Thursday by the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (SENIDH).

Parrales, 79, a former diocesan priest who advocated liberation theology and who He was the Minister of Social Welfare during the first Sandinista government (1979–1990)., was arrested last Monday after analyzing Nicaragua’s departure from the OAS.

According to Senidh, the prosecutor’s office requested an extension of the period of investigation and judicial custody against the former diplomat to 90 days. Neither the public ministry, nor the judicial branch, nor the national police have offered information on the arrest of Parales, who He served in various positions during the first Sandinista government, which was also headed by the current president.

For its part, the Office of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor Affairs affiliated with the US State Department criticized Ortega’s continuation “Arresting anyone who publicly disagrees with them, even after winning a fake election victory on 7 November“Past, what America called it “pantomime”.

Similarly, that State Department office called on former Ambassador Parales to “release the Ortega Murillo regime.” According to his relatives, the former priest is He was taken into custody at the Directorate of Judicial Aid, known as ‘El Chipote’, where the guards obtained medicines and personal products from him.

Humanitarian organizations, such as Senidh, have expressed their concern over Parales’ arrest – which they describe as “political prisoner“- because of his advanced age (79) and his chronic diseases, including heart disease.

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Parrales is the only religious of the four priests still alive who was suspended by Pope John Paul II in 1984 along with the Trappist poet “One Divine”. Ernesto Cardenalmilf teacher fernando cardinal, and former Sandinista Foreign Minister Miguel D’Escoto, being linked to the Liberation Doctrine, a suspension that was lifted in 2014.

Parales was arrested last Monday after he analyzed and criticized Nicaragua’s withdrawal from the OAS. Canal 10 from local television, highest rated in the country, as well as in various programs in digital media.

Nicaragua announced its withdrawal from the body last Friday, when the 51st General Assembly of the OAS considered the final day to be the 7th general election. In which Ortega prevailed in prison with his main claimants saying “they were not free, fair or transparent and they do not have democratic legitimacy.”

With the capture of the former diplomat they say 42 Professionals, critics or political opponents of the President of Nicaragua have been arrested since the past 28 May, including seven who wish to compete for the presidency in elections.

(with info from EFE)

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