Nicaragua. – Parliament approves the entry of foreign aircraft and military personnel for the distribution of humanitarian aid

U.S.A.Nicaragua. - Parliament approves the entry of foreign aircraft...

This includes the “planned and coordinated” entry of personnel from the US, Russia, Mexico, Venezuela, China and Cuba.

Madrid, 25 (Europa Press)

The Nicaraguan parliament this Wednesday approved a measure that allows foreign ships, aircraft and military personnel to enter the country for the distribution of humanitarian aid “for mutual benefit” in case of emergency situations.

“This decree authorizes the entry into the national territory of military personnel, ships and armed forces and the armies of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic, which are members of the Convention of the Central American Armed Forces (CFAC). From January 1 to 30 Humanitarian workers aim by June, 2022,” he said.

Similarly, it has highlighted in a statement that the measure is a “pre-planned and coordinated” entry of military personnel, ships and aircraft from the United States, Russia, Mexico, Venezuela, China and Cuba, as well as Taiwan. approves. purposes of exchange and humanitarian assistance for mutual benefit in case of emergency situations”.

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In it, he stated that “the decree authorizes the departure of military ships, aircraft and equipment of the Nicaraguan military from the national territory for humanitarian purposes to the countries forming the CFAC, Venezuela, Cuba and Mexico.”

The approval of the measure has been commended by the Vice-Chairman of the Commission for Peace, Defence, Governance and Human Rights, Filiberto Rodriguez, who has highlighted the importance of knowledge sharing in military exercises of a humanitarian nature.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega won the November 7 election, securing nearly 75 percent of the vote, according to official figures.

After several activists condemned a wave of arbitrary arrests against the seven presidential candidates, as well as critical voices including journalists, defense lawyers, student leaders and farmers, Ortega appeared to be a great favorite to win the election. .

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