Nick Saban responds to Scott Satterfield’s tampering allegations

Scott Satterfield may have thought Alabama football tampered with Tyler Harrell, but Nick Saban quickly and unequivocally denied the suggestion.

While Louisville Cardinals head coach Scott Satterfield seems to think there may be some tampering with the former Louisville receiver, Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban has not.

According to a tweet from ESPN’s Alex Scarborough, Saban very explicitly denied that anyone on the Crimson Tide coaching staff was involved in any kind of tampering involving former Cardinals wide receiver Tyler Harrell.

As Saban put it, Alabama doesn’t “tamper with anyone.”

Of course, Harrell decided to move from Louisville to Alabama.

Alabama football: Nick Saban responds after Scott Satterfield suggests Crimson Tide tampered with former Louisville receiver

This is just the latest example of tampering being used as a discussion about a gifted player might transfer from one school to another, and as things stand, it almost certainly won’t be the last time a coach Imply that another person was involved in some violation.

Expect more of this conversation to happen as the college sports world tries to embrace what the transfer portal and the NIL has to offer players to take full advantage of.

Chances are, just for a while, everyone will get used to the tool being used and the coach will continue to complain about other things.

Of course, this isn’t the first time some coaches have been uncomfortable with the natural changes in the structure of college sports. It wasn’t long ago that coaches, including Saban, complained about the detrimental effects of certain types of passing attacks on the field. Almost everyone has adapted by now.

Some rules will change, coaches and programs will eventually adjust, and other topics of interest will emerge.

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