Nine Moscow restaurants received Michelin stars

WorldNine Moscow restaurants received Michelin stars

Nine Moscow restaurants received Michelin stars, entering the most famous and influential of the world restaurant ratings. The award ceremony took place in the concert hall of the capital’s Zaryadye Park.

Artest Chef’s Table and its chef Artem Estafyev, as well as TWINS GARDEN and its chefs Ivan and Serhiy Berezutsky were awarded for two stars.

One star was awarded to restaurants “Beluga” and chef Eugene Vikentyev, Grand CRU and David Emmerle, Selfie and Anatoly Kazakov, White rabbit and Vladimir Mukhin, Biologie and Ekaterina Alekhina, as well as restaurants “Sakhalin” and its chef Alexei Kogan “Sava” and Andrey Shmakov.

This year, Russia has become the 33rd country in the world to produce a Michelin gastronomic guide, and Moscow is the first CIS city with star-studded establishments.

reaction of winners

The Berezutsky twins commented on the deserved stars with the phrase “Ofiget!”, RIA Novosti reports. They noted that they consider the greatest victory “the fact that Moscow has risen in line with the coolest gastronomic capitals of the world.”

In turn, the owner of the restaurant “Beluga” told “Gazeta.ru” that he considers the award “Oscar” in gastronomy. He added that the star will put pressure on chefs and restaurant owners, but “there is nothing wrong with that – more responsibility, more attention,” he explained.

What stars

The Michelin Red Guide (Le Guide Rouge), sometimes referred to as the Red Guide, is the most influential restaurant rating with a three-star rating system. One star tells travelers that the restaurant is very good in its category. Two stars mean “excellent cuisine, for the sake of the restaurant you can make a digression from the tourist route.” Finally, the three stars report on the excellent work of the chef and suggest that for the sake of the institution it makes sense to make a separate trip.

Michelin inspectors visit restaurants incognito. Every year one person visits more than a thousand institutions. In this case, according to TASS, the inspector can come to the same institution several times a year – on different days of the week and with different degrees of congestion of the restaurant. If the quality of the dishes decreases, the previously set rating can be eliminated, and the restaurant drops out of the rating.

The evaluation criteria are not disclosed, making it a trade secret. However, the company explained that the star is awarded “for outstanding culinary skills, quality of ingredients, harmony of tastes, mastery of technology, the individuality of the chef, expressed in his kitchen.”

Another difference

Earlier, White Rabbit and Twins Garden were ranked among the 50 best restaurants in the world according to the British The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy. The restaurants ranked 25th and 30th on the list, respectively. At White Rabbit, experts noted the “breathtaking panoramic view of Moscow“, which makes it “the best place in town for dinner with a beautiful view”, as well as the “quirky kitchen” of chef Vladimir Mukhin, which uses “Russian ingredients”. The concept of Twins garden is that 70 percent of the ingredients used in the restaurant come from the farm of chefs brothers Ivan and Sergei Berezutsky, which is located near Moscow. In this case, the remains of products are used on the farm as animal feed. This makes the production cycle virtually waste-free.

In September, four Russian chefs Vladimir Mukhin, brothers Ivan and Sergei Berezutsky and Anatoly Kazakov were included in the list of one hundred best chefs in the world. One of the most famous Russian chefs in the world, Vladimir Mukhin, is ranked ninth. He prepares his dishes according to ancient traditions using modern technologies. A separate series was dedicated to Mukhin in the Netflix series “Chef’s Table”. Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky took the 62nd place in a rating. They were the first in Russia to use a 3D bioprinter cooking. Anatoly Kazakov was in the last ten rankings – in 90th place. He chose cooking instead of a sports career. His dishes are known for their simplicity.


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