Nishikawa/Ozaki withdraw, Praveen/Melati advance to the Round of 16 at the Indonesia Open 2021

SportsNishikawa/Ozaki withdraw, Praveen/Melati advance to the Round of 16...

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NUSA DUA – Couple Praveen Jordan/Melati Daeva without sweating to advance to the round of 16 Indonesia Open 2021. Yujiro Nishikawa/Saori Ozaki, who played against Praveen/Melati, withdrew from the match which was held in Nusa Dua, Bali, Wednesday (11/24/2021).

Ozaki reportedly suffered an injury so he could not continue the game. It was a blessing in itself for the Praveen/Jordan couple.

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In the round of 16, Praveen/Jordan waited for the result of the match between the pair Rinov Rivaldi/Pitha Haningtyas Mentari and the Danish representative, Mathias Christiansen/Alexandra Boje.

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Praveen/Jordan are expected to improve their performance, which is being criticized for failing to win titles in various European tournaments. In the Denmark Open and French Open 2021, Praveen/Melati failed to show their best performance.

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At the 2021 Denmark Open, the world‘s best fifth-ranked pair stopped in the semifinals, while at the 2021 French Open, the pair stopped in the quarter-finals. The Indonesia Open 2021 is an opportunity to silence critics for them.

The party between Rinov Pitha and Christiansen/Boje itself will be held on field one, on Wednesday (11/24/2021).


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