No “Doctor Strange”? Benedict Says He Wants to Play Thor 2 Villain

Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange. (courtesy from twitter)

starring Benedict Cumberbatchstrange“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” sold wildly at the global box office. Spectacular performances and star charm are naturally inevitable. Benedict revealed that he was recently invited to appear in an interview. ,miraclefilm industry, but he didn’t agree at the time, and being able to play “Doctor Strange” now gives him more experience.

When Benedict was interviewed by “BBC Radio 1”, Songkou said that Marvel Studios had asked him about his desire to perform long ago, “It is interesting when they asked me about another role. When asked, the role was relatively small, and the role was relatively small. It’s Thor: The Dark World’s villain, Moreki, and I told him straight away, I’m glad to be invited to the event, but I want to do something more interesting .”, it is reported that the character also inquired about “Hannibal” Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, but he was still denied. Later, Benedict was chosen to play “Doctor Strange”, and Mads eventually nodded and agreed to perform. “Doctor Strange” villain Caesilius.

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Benedict Cumberbatch was invited to the performance of Moraki (right), the leader of the “Dark Elf”. (Photo: Courtesy of Disney)

“Then they asked me about a new character. I really didn’t know, and then I read the comics first.” Benedict admitted that he didn’t like “Doctor Strange”, adding that “the character is too old-fashioned, a bit misogynistic, and a very restrained character when he debuted in the 1970s.” Benedict wasn’t sure if the role was right for him, and Marvel Studios later said that “Doctor Strange” would be brought into today’s society, and after making adjustments over the years, they finally nodded to him, “Me. This character is liked because of the arrogance and arrogance of humanity.”

In fact, Marvel president Kevin Feige has stated several times that he has always wanted Benedict to perform, “We have always reserved a spot for him, and he will always be the first choice for the role”, but he did not specify. As to whether it was “Doctor Strange”, in fact, in 2014, when he was busy with Benedict’s film contract, it was decided that the role of “Doctor Strange” would be played by Joaquin Phoenix, but Joaquin Phoenix was on multiple contracts. didn’t want to sign and chose to go, eventually back to Benedict. And Wakun later performed “Joker” and wonOscarThe actor is also sitting at a global box office of US$ 1 billion, which is pretty amazing. Benedict has also attracted more fans around the world because of “Doctor Strange”.

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