No progress has been made in the first US and Russian defense ministers talks since the start of the Ukraine war

Defense Department spokesman John Kirby. The Associated Press

sinceUkraineSince the outbreak of war, the United StatesMinistry of DefenceLong Austin andRussiaDefense Minister Xiao Yigu spoke for the first time. US officials said today that despite US calls for a ceasefire, both sides have made little progress on key issues.

The Pentagon said Lloyd Austin in a phone call with Sergei Shoigu today called for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine.

“The talks do not specifically address any serious issue or direct changes to Russia’s actions or words,” the Pentagon official said.

In the nearly three months since Russia invaded Ukraine, Austin has tried talking to Xiao Yigu several times, but Moscow is uninterested in talking.

US Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement that Austin emphasized the importance of maintaining the call.

The TASS news agency, citing the Russian Defense Ministry, said the call was made “at the suggestion of the United States”.

According to TASS, the two sides discussed important issues of international security, including the situation in Ukraine.

Since Moscow launched a “special military operation” against Ukraine, the United States and Russia have set up a hotline to avoid miscalculations and escalation in the region.

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