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PARIS – Paris Saint Germain (PSG) coach Mauricio Pochettino insists he will not let anyone go home from Parc Des Princess with three points, especially in the 2021/2022 French League. He advised the visitors to think they could win easily if they visited Paris.

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This was revealed ahead of the 14th week of the French League against Nantes, Saturday (20/11/2021) night WIB. Pochettino insists his squad will not be affected by the opponent’s playing style that tends to be defensive if they visit his headquarters.

PSG often dominate the game, but find it difficult to score goals. Because the visiting team often applies low defensive blocks so that Giorginio Wijnaldum and colleagues find it difficult to attack.

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However, Pochettino said that he had evaluated and already knew what to do if he played against teams with these tactics.

The former Tottenham Hotspur coach even admitted that he had discussions with his defensive midfielder, Marco Veratti, to accommodate players in the midfield and forwards to be more aggressive.

Veratti told Pochettino that a tight defense had been faced by him and his team-mates long before Pochettino came to PSG.

Therefore, the 49-year-old coach promised to make the opponent despair and make the opponent unable to do much.

“We are used to facing opponents who come to Paris, and they always apply low defensive blocks. I have spoken to Marco Verratti who has been at the club for a long time, and he told me it is a real habit,” Pochettino told the club’s official website.

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