North Korea’s Omicron outbreak leads to 18,000 suspected cases and 6 deaths in a single day

On the 10th, North Korea was shocked by a “national incident”. Yonhap News Agency further reported on 12th that the new coronavirus variant Omicron outbreak occurred in North Korea. On Day 12 alone, 18,000 people developed symptoms of fever. , and 1 of 6 people who died determined to infect Omicron type. (The Associated Press)

North KoreaOn the 10th, a “national level incident” was reported.EpidemicOn Day 12 alone, 18,000 people developed fever symptoms, and one in six people who died were confirmed to have been infected with the Omicron version. ,

North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said on the 13th that at least one person confirmed to have been infected with New Crown pneumonia in North Korea has died and hundreds of thousands of others have developed symptoms of fever. which represent the first outbreak. Infections in North Korea since the pandemic began. Terrible scale”. About 187,800 people are currently in quarantine after a fever of unknown origin “has spread explosively across the country” since late April.

The Korean Central News Agency noted that about 350,000 people showed signs of fever, of whom 18,000 reported symptoms on Day 12 alone, and about 162,200 of them had received treatment so far, but did not specify how many. The people had a new crown. was positive. In addition, at least six people with fever symptoms died, including one confirmed to have been infected with the Omicron type strain.

North Korean leaderKim Jong UnDeclaring a “severe state of emergency” on the 12th and ordering a nationwide lockdown, criticizing officials during the inspection for failing to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, he said “shows a concentrated fever spread in the capital region”. ‘A weak link in the pandemic containment system’.” and called on provinces, cities and counties to block areas to prevent further spread of the virus.

Following this, Kim Jong-un urged public health officials to thoroughly inspect all patients with fever symptoms, develop treatment methods, and further strengthen the country’s drug supply measures. It is worth noting that after North Korea announced the first confirmed case of the new crown on the 12th, Kim Jong-un “appeared in public for the first time wearing a mask” while presiding over a meeting of the Politburo.

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