Not even winter separates!: Christian Nodal and Belinda cover their faces with blankets

U.S.A.Not even winter separates!: Christian Nodal and Belinda cover...

The singers are in love (Photo: IG @la_frazadeza_real)

Christian Nodal y Belinda They have been known to have an intense romance for some time. Thus, from their first conversation in voice of mexico until the engagement of their controversial marriage, has made Both singers are on everyone’s tongue.

Although they usually appear together in public and show love to each other, this does not seem to be enough for the lovebirds, From now on one of his new acquisitions has gone viral.

she was the mother of the interpreter of bottle after bottle Who showed off a peculiar blanket from their Instagram stories that they gave to lovers: “A little gift for my love,” he wrote.

In the shared photos, you can see a blanket in which Belinda and Nodal were dressed as if they were royalty. Also, everyone’s laughter is heard as soon as they reveal their surprise in the video.

“It’s incomparable”, Belinda is heard saying this.

They happily received the blanket (Photo: IG @cristy_nodal)
They happily received the blanket (Photo: IG @cristy_nodal)

Fans responded quickly and some asked if there would be more copies of these for sale, as they would like to buy one. Beyond that, others were quick to praise the detail.

,That nodly blanket is going to be essential for your travels on tour“Well, but Chris’s feet on the blanket, I’m jealous of him”, that’s blanket top insistence”, are some of the mentions on social networks.

recent morning TodayBelinda talks about the new theme song she will release with her fiancé Christian Nodal. interpreter of love at first sight He admitted that it would be in February when the public would be able to enjoy the song that promises to be successful.

“We’ve released a single that’s for your album forajido, Which is awesome. It comes out … I think in a few months, the beginning of the year. I don’t know if I’ve said much already, he’ll scold meThe actress said. Belinda looked for her boyfriend among the people present and asked him about the estimated launch date: “When is our song coming?“To which Nodal replied:”February,

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Belinda Peregrin and Christian Nodal have caused a sensation among the Mexican public as they announced their courtship and subsequent engagement. Speculations about their romance have established them as the couple at the moment.

This couple is about to get married (Photo: Instagram @nodal)
This couple is about to get married (Photo: Instagram @nodal)

At the beginning of the year, the pair surprised their fans with the theme. if they us, the cover That they explained together for the telenovela of the same name which currently airs on Televisa. So far, the lovers version is one of the most popular on digital platforms, so hopefully their next song will set a trend in the Mexican region.

Mexican musician and singer interacted with the program thick and thin, There he remarked that it was during a television program where Began to feel the “butterflies” for Belinda, Although the singer did not specify what reality it was about, it is believed that it was during voice of mexico, space where both worked as a coach.

“Well, we were on a television show together and it gives me, whenever I saw her on stage, you know, like when I got on stage for the first time and wanted to hide behind everybody And this I could not be in front of him and it had never happened to me to a woman, because she imposes too much”, explained the singer.

“So by the end of the show we went to our house to rehearse and I said: ‘Is it now or never’ and I said: ‘you’re not going to steal the kiss without me‘ She said, ‘No, no’ and I said, ‘Yeah, yes’, and From there it’s been great, super romantic, I wrote her a song and sang it to her that night”, emphasized the singer.

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