Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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Nvidia Jen-Hsun Huang: Countries must build AI infrastructure. External concerns about “AI threats” are greatly exaggerated

Huida(Nvidia) CEOJen-Hsun HuangSaid on the 12th that every country needs its own artificial intelligence (aye) Infrastructure to harness the economic potential while preserving the culture of the country. He also believes that external concerns about the dangers of AI are exaggerated.

“You can’t allow other people to do it,” Huang Renxun told the World Government Summit in Dubai. Due to the rapid increase in the efficiency of AI computing, Huida is promoting the “democratization” of AI usage channels. The rest is really up to you to take the initiative, activate your industries and build the infrastructure as quickly as possible.

He also said that concerns about the dangers of AI are exaggerated. Automobiles, aviation and other new technologies and industries have been successfully regulated. “There will be some benefits in reducing people’s fear of this new technology and demystifying it,” he said. This) may encourage other people to do nothing with the technology and rely on them to do it. I think that’s a mistake.”

However, Huang Renxun did not mention the issue of US export controls on some of Huida’s AI chips on the 12th. Huida said in November last year that it was working with customers in China and the Middle East to obtain export licenses for new products that comply with new US regulations. HUIDA is scheduled to announce its last quarter financial results on the 21st.



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