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NYC public school confiscated nearly 5,000 self-defense weapons, students panic

The city’s director of education, Mayor Adams (first from left) and city police chief Seville (second from left) discuss ensuring the safety of students in the city’s public school system. (Provided by the Mayor’s Office)

The New York City Police Department recently released the latest data that since returning to school in the fall semester, it haspublic schoolMore than 4,700 weapons were found inside, most of which were self-defense knives and pepper spray, which officials analyzed from insecurity among students after the city’s security was toppled.

cityeducation directorBanks (David Banks) said that the deteriorating law and order situation may not have hit the campus yet, but it can be seen that the restlessness and anxiety of the students is rooted in so many problems outside the school. You don’t have to deal with your classmates, but rather worry about potential trouble around school. ,

So far, 1,400 pepper sprays have been confiscated in public schools across the city, according to city police data, compared to 186 in the same period last year; More than 1,100 knives under four inches were seized, compared to only 774 in the same period last year.

In addition, the city police also found 16 firearms in the school, up from 5 in the same period last year; The number of Stun Guns (Tasers) seized reached 416 as compared to only 42 last year. The metal knuckles also jumped from 18 to 104, which was huge for the school security staff.

“I worry that students are bringing more weapons to school,” Banks said. “If students are upset, focus on your studies alone.” A former public school security activist, Banks said that there are “policeI grew up in a family. My father has worked in the city police department for almost 30 years, and my brother is Philip Banks, the deputy mayor in charge of the city’s public safety, so he is very concerned about public safety issues. several times with him.”

Mark Rampersant, the security director of the city’s Department of Education, responded that the city’s education superintendent, Mayor Eric Adams, and city police chief Keechant Sewell are “in lockstep” to ensure students in the city’s public school system are “in lockstep” with school security personnel. There are already 250 second batches. Those are already getting professional training.”

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