Octavio Okana: He made a pinata of “Benito River” as a tribute to the actor

U.S.A.Octavio Okana: He made a pinata of "Benito River"...

The pinata refers to the episode in which “Benito Rivers” disguises himself as a beggar, a scene that became a successful meme (Photo: Pinateria Ramirez // Facebook)

Octavio Ocaa is about to die a month after he was shot in the head, following a chase with police from Cuoutitlán Izcaly, Mexico State, which ended with the young actor’s truck crashing and several detainees .

His career was by no means short. It began in 2005 with some segments of the En Familia con Chaballos event., but his fame increased when he played “Benito Rivers” in the series Neighbors, a role he held for 16 years.

The reasons for the success of this program produced and broadcast by televisa, YouOne of the country’s most famous piatas pays tribute to Ocana by creating a “Benito” piata, with one of the most memorable episodes of the actor.

This was during the first season of Neighbors, notably in Chapter 18, When Benito, Influenced by Jorjaiso, a man who always asked for money from tenants, suggests that he disguise himself as a beggar to do the same activity.

Users applauded tributes to the young actor (Photo: Pinateria Ramirez)
Users applauded tributes to the young actor (Photo: Pinateria Ramirez)

The success of this character was also thanks to users of social networks, who amalgamated two phrases used in a scene to make a meme Which continues to this day in circulation and in collective memory.

During that recording, a blond-haired woman arrives, who is about to give a coin to Benito, and that’s when this popular phrase comes up: “Of course, the rich think that with a small coin they can buy the poor.” Faced with this, the woman feels pressured and tries to issue the cheque: “Of course, after offending me with a small coin, he thinks he can buy me with a check”,

For this reason, Ramirez Pinateria decided to recreate the character in his own distinctive style and share it on his official Facebook page. ,Our tribute to Benito Rivers with affection and respect ‘He didn’t want to be an actor and he didn’t want to be $acinado’ #PinateriaRamirez“He wrote.

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The message was accompanied by pictures of pinatas and various memes in honor of Octavio Ocana. In a later comment, he clarified that His account got temporarily blocked due to delay in his tribute,

Users acknowledged this tribute and noted the talent that the artists demonstrated in the pinata. Even then, Another segment of netizens made objectionable remarks About the leaked video in which Ocaña is seen breathing a white powder similar to cocaine, as well as the case of the police who stole a gold chain.

Chain "neighbors", in which Octavio Okana participated for 16 years, will pay tribute to the actor (Photo: Instagram / Neighbors Official)
The series “Neighbors”, in which Octavio Okana took part for 16 years, will pay tribute to the actor (Photo: Instagram / Neighbors Official)

Actor Pablo Valentin, who plays “Pedrito Medina”, revealed that they are preparing a tribute to Octavio Okana Which was in production since the age of 5.

“We are very indifferent, At the same time we look forward to paying eternal tribute to our beloved ‘Tavito’, as well as our Polo Ortin ”, said Pablo Valentin in an interview for the program first hand,

He also mentioned how strong losing Okana has been for him and his teammates, but insisted that they will always remember him as gentle and dignified. benito, “It is very rare, they are things that one cannot imagine but we are so happy that that image of Meri Tavito will always be there as our light, our dear child. And we will always remember it as such”, he remarked.

Finally, he explained that in the program he would try to pay a tribute to remember benito With the image that he left through character and attempted to convey his affection to his peers, Thus he would put aside all the controversies that began with his tragic death.,

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