Odebrecht case: Judiciary issues indictment against Ollanta Humala and Nadine Heredia

U.S.A.Odebrecht case: Judiciary issues indictment against Ollanta Humala and...

Former President Ollanta Humala and his wife Nadine Heredia. Photo: Andina.

The Court of Preliminary Inquiry, before the National Superior Court, authorized the initiation of an oral trial against former President Ollanta Humala, his wife. Nadine Heredia, and others accused of the alleged offense of State damage due to money laundering

Judge Richard Concepción Carhuancho issued a motion that seeks to prosecute the former president and former first lady in the case. The decision is an outcome of the measures taken to unlock and expedite the preliminary investigation.

After ordering this measure, the file must be entered in the lot National Superior Court of special criminal justice to define the collegiate who carried out the trial.

They are also in defendant’s position Mario Torres Aliga, Ilan Paul Heredia Alarcón, Martín Belande Losio, Maribel Amelita Vela Arevalo, Antonia Alarcón Cubas, Eladio Mego Guevara, Rocío del Carmen Calderón Vinatea, Carlos Gabriel Arenas Gómez Sánchez, and Santiago Gustad.

Likewise the company Todo Graf Sac and the Peruvian Nationalist Party.

The indictment constitutes an affirmative decision on the charge—necessary on the basis of the accusing principle—and recognizes the prosecutor’s right to charge.

It estimates the consent of the budget, material or formal, which is the position of the prosecution, defines the punishable act which will be the subject of trial and sentence, determines the means of evidence, determines the competent body for prosecution and failure. and provides for a reference to what action was taken to the criminal judge, sole proprietorship or collegiate.

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let’s remember that The Public Ministry requested 20 years in prison for Humala Tasso, while 26-and-a-half years for Heredia Alarcón, As well as the liquidation and dissolution of the Nationalist Party, effective prison sentences for those remaining involved.

Odebrecht Case

Significantly, this process has happened due to alleged irregular contributions of Venezuelan and Brazilian companies. odebrecht And OAS For funding Ollanta Humala’s presidential campaigns in 2006 and 2011.

The scandal shocked four former Peruvian presidents, including Alan Garcia (1985–1990 and 2006–2011), who committed suicide on April 17 when he was to be arrested under this investigation.

Humala, 56, and his 42-year-old wife Nadine were kept in preventive custody for nine months in the case. Both are accused of receiving illegal contributions of $3 million from Odebrecht to the campaign that brought him to power in 2011.

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