Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Oil prices, bills… Could a series of recent successes help Biden in the midterm elections?

The New York Times reported,BidenThe president has endured pressure from high inflation, high oil prices, policy disruptions, the shadow of an economic slowdown and falling elections for months, and has finally won a series of successes in recent days, including cutting oil prices. And many bills include progress; But given the midterm elections, Biden must be sure that the recent success can reassure American voters who are skeptical about the future.

Biden on the 28thwhite HouseHe said that government policies can be slow and annoying at times, but if people do not give up and work hard for a long time, they will bear fruit and improve the lives of the people.

The Times reported that Biden’s political philosophy comes from an era of slow change, and sometimes patience can lead to a deal; But with the midterm elections only a few months away, Biden must now make sure his recent success resonates with the American people..

DemocratsUS Senator Joe Manchin (R-West Virginia) struck a surprise deal with Democrats in recent days, backing key Biden promises, including lowering drug prices, fighting climate change and raising corporate taxes. White House West Wing aides were forced to intensify their arguments in the face of the expected new deal.

The Times noted that as for Biden, he can’t wait for these successes to come.

This fall’s election will determine which party controls the House and Senate. Many experts expect Democrats to do poorly, Biden’s election is falling sharply, and he has many unfulfilled promises and plans.

Many formerly die-hard supporters were dismayed, angry with Biden, and even ready to drop him in favor of other candidates.

Aides believe Biden should improve his communication skills to inform the public about his administration’s progress, such as the new crown bailout plan during the pandemic. Critics argue that Biden’s way of speaking may not effectively convey the current sense of urgency among the American people.

Dakota Hall, executive director of the Alliance for Youth Action, an advocacy group representing young people and people of color, said Biden often promotes small, significant changes in government, but the public wants others to do their part. Give voice to complaints.

White House officials understand people’s frustration, but they also explain it to Biden; White House officials have told Biden that Biden remains committed to delivering on his promise, but is blocked by uncontrollable external forces, including disproportionate bipartisan figures and international incidents including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the economic shock after the pandemic.

Former President Barack Obama also tweeted last week: “Progress may not happen overnight, but it does, and it is now.”


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