Wednesday, July 6, 2022

On January 6, the panel summoned 5 Republicans

In a letter to Mr. Biggs, the committee leaders asked him to question the evidence they had received after January 6 that some House Republicans had condemned Trump. The Pope has apologized to the president in an attempt to thwart the 2020 election. ,

The panel said it wanted to question Brooks about his announcement in March, in which he said Trump had repeatedly asked President Biden and President Biden to “cancel” the election in the months following the election. Election.

The so-called provision of speech or debate in the Constitution, designed to protect the independence of the legislature, states that senators and representatives of any speech or debate in any one chamber “shall not be challenged elsewhere.” It is described extensively to cover all legislative functions, not just words. Directly, however, this provision is limited to challenging them in “other” places, such as the courts.

There is also an example of the House calling its own members to a narrow level. According to the rules of the House, the members of the House Ethics Committee have the power to testify or provide documents and the members must abide by it.

The committee requested an interview with Trump’s former White House physician, Texas spokesman Ronnie Jackson, to understand why he was mentioned in encrypted messages from the sworn-in militia group, some members said. Arrested in connection with the indictments.

Mr. Jackson, who declined to volunteer, was not in the summons issued Thursday.

Michael Schmidt Contribution Report.

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