Saturday, November 26, 2022

On one side there is friendship, on the other side there is love, who is in a dilemma?

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Qatar World CupsoccerAmerica will face England on the 25th at 2 PM Eastern Time. Who will they support?Megan(Meghan Markle) may be torn between her home country on the one hand and the country she married in on the other.

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Playing against England at the 2022 Qatar World Cup is especially important for the United States as it will determine whether they can qualify.

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However, some celebrities don’t have an easy time supporting the team, and one of them is Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

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According to Spanish newspaper Marca, Prince Harry’s wife Meghan has a headache for the US-England clash as she has to support both the teams fairly. For him, perhaps the best ending is that both teams can shake hands and make peace.

Even though soccer is not a traditional mainstream sport in the United States, it has grown rapidly over the past few decades, and some celebrities often attend Major League Soccer (MLS) games as important.

The reason why Meghan would favor the United States is simple – she was born in California, USA. Megan was born on August 4, 1981 in Los Angeles, and it is one of the cities in the United States that has developed soccer over the years because of its large Latino population.

Meghan on the other hand is Harry’s wifeUKA member of the royal family and also holds the title of Duchess of Sussex. Since marrying Prince Harry, Meghan has been viciously attacked by the British media on grounds including her skin colour, ancestry and American identity.

According to the report, even if she has to cheer for England on the surface, Meghan, who is more American, will undoubtedly support her country.

But Meghan has to watch her demeanor and maintain proper decorum so that she looks like a duchess and tries to be impeccable and please the British people. The British treat football as a religion. If Meghan is the Duchess but doesn’t support England, that would definitely be bad.


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