Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Oracle says layoffs target marketing and customer experience departments

according to the sources,Oracle(Oracle) Marketing and US Customer ExperiencelayoffShowing that the tech giant is scaling back customer analysis and advertising services, becoming the latest major tech company to cut jobs.

Bloomberg News, citing sources, reported that some Oracle employees received layoff notices on the first date. A layoff employee said junior salespeople and a divisional sales executive were involved in the layoffs. Another former employee said layoffs were reported in the sales department a few weeks ago, but management said at the time that there were no concerns about those positions.

The source also said that Oracle expects to start laying off employees in India, Canada and parts of Europe in the coming weeks or months.

The customer-experience unit, which was spun off by Oracle, focused on analytics data and advertising services, but its growth has long lagged behind other divisions. At an event last year, Oracle’s VP Douglas Kehring said the division’s performance was more disappointing than it was before.

A former senior engineering sales manager at Oracle who was part of the layoffs, said in a LinkedIn post that Oracle decided to overhaul its customer experience department and move forward. Another former Oracle executive, who was also fired, said some jobs have been lost as a result of the cleanup. A former senior manager and vice president said some marketing positions were also terminated.

Oracle is turning to health care, trying to strengthen itCloudCompetition in the technology market. Oracle completed its $28.3 billion acquisition of digital medical records provider Cerner, as it seeks to attract more customers to the market for cloud database technology that is less used by companies.

Oracle has yet to comment on the layoffs.


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