Overpopulation in San Andres is depleting the islands’ natural resources

U.S.A.Overpopulation in San Andres is depleting the islands' natural...

Overpopulation in San Andres is destroying the island’s natural resources (Getty Images)

San Andres Island is recording one thousand to one thousand 200 births a year, although this is a low figure compared to other cities, posing a public health risk to the island and islanders. To this we have to add citizens who come to live in places of displacement, refugees and asylum requests for migrants. The sum of these variants is presenting a high population index throughout the archipelago, which is causing economic problems and affecting the environment.

Residents of the island are reassured that population control programs are not working because they are not helping to reduce the level of citizens arriving, but instead allowing all people to stay and live there.

In an interview for Radio National with journalist Danielle Newball, Joseph Barrera Kelly, attorney and former director of the Office of Population and Residency Control, assured that many people arrive in San Andres with tourist bracelets, which are then distributed at the airport. . At the entrance, they stay there after paying the relevant tax and when they enter.

“They later go to the office of the Ombudsman to express that they have been displaced and automatically received, given care and employment opportunities in the private sector and that over time they become more populous. The contributors have settled on the island,” he told Radio Nacional Barrera.

To control this situation, the departmental administration headed by the Government Secretariat organized a dialogue table to define coordinated actions. “It allows this migrant population to have an integration of education, health affiliations, and productive lives in the region.”

Overpopulation in San Andres is destroying the island's natural resources
Overpopulation in San Andres is destroying the island’s natural resources

This socialization was carried out by Migration Colombia with the accompaniment of Circulation and Residency Control (Okar), the Office of the Ombudsman and Border Management, with the aim of creating a regional migration table to find and address the challenges posed by migration. Venezuela.

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In addition, receive a coordinated and effective action against attention and communication with regional institutions and regulations, which allow the Venezuelan expatriate population to integrate into education, workforce, health affiliations and become partners in the productive life of the region. which was published by Govt.

While this is not enough, the pastor and social activist, Augusto Francis, in an investigation by Radio Nacional, insisted that the island’s problems were increasing every day.

“The island’s population grows every day, the government tells us that the population is the only way, but the reality is that we have more than 100,000 inhabitants (…) there is enough for all and we will have a chaotic situation that is untenable. Will go,” he said.

We must remember that in 2018 the government had to plan the evacuation of people from the island in order to reduce the incidence of overpopulation, which was affecting the region at the time and which on occasion affected the island. was doing. ,

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