Pablo Monteiro bids off Nicolas Maduro on his birthday

U.S.A.Pablo Monteiro bids off Nicolas Maduro on his birthday

This Tuesday, the dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, he turned 59 and, as is his custom, Grand ceremony organized at Miraflores Palace, which was broadcast on open television with hundreds of guests.

One of the luxury attendees was a Mexican actor and singer. pablo montero, who traveled to a private show, which was filled with gifts and well wishes in honor of Maduro and his family.

Pablo Monteiro performed several songs in the central courtyard of the Miraflores Palace (Photo: Twitter / @Nicolas Maduro)

With his mariachi group, Monteiro performed various songs, among which were alma llaneraby Pedro Ilyas Gutierrez; that envyby Vicente Fernandez; Kingby Jose Alfredo Jiménez; And las mannitasi,

Dressed in a black suit and a large cap of Chareria, Pablo Monteiro played these tunes in his thick voice while greeting his wife Maduro. cilia flores and his youngest daughter.

Pablo Monteiro serves Nicolas Maduro for his birthday
The Mexican singer presented his hat to the dictator (Photo: Twitter / @Nicolas Maduro)

In the middle of the presentation, Singer-songwriter takes off his hat and gives it to Venezuelan dictator, who took it, put it on his head and gave a shout that ended with “long live emiliano zapataAfterwards, Monteiro offered him a few words of thanks.

“Thank you to all the beautiful people of this country who have always given me lots of affection, lots of love and We come with all our hearts to bring you Mexican music, Nicholas, I give you this hat that is mine, with great affection, and it fits you for a penny”, he mentioned.

Later, during the festival, Nicholas mature He recalled that 8 years ago, on his 51st birthday, singer Juan Gabriel had attended the ceremony and even dedicated some songs to him., He also thanked Monteiro and mentioned that his wife was the “culprit” of the surprise.

“8 years ago Juan Gabriel sang for me too, I thank you Pablo Monteiro. I thank the artists of El Sistema. I appreciate the celebration of this 59th birthday in the Miraflores Palace. Cilia is the culprit of this surprise they gave me today. great blessing for mexico”, he elaborated.

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Hours later, from your social network, The dictator reiterates his belief of Pablo Monteiro And he assured them that the doors of Venezuela would always be open to him for his extraordinary presentation.

Pablo Monteiro serves Nicolas Maduro for his birthday
(Photo: Twitter / @Nicolas Maduro)

“With so much love I met Mexican singer and actor Pablo Monteiro at the Miraflores Palace. Thank you for bringing the strength of Mexico to us and singing these songs for me and all the people of Venezuela. The doors of Venezuela will always be open to you, PabloMaduro wrote.

It should be remembered that the Mexican singer is very close to the regime of Venezuela, because In 2013 he attended the last day of the funeral of Hugo Chávez in the Honor Room of the Military Academy of Caracas, after his death on 15 March of the same year.

“I have come many times and it is sad to be in this situation in which Venezuelans find themselves and we do it with great love on behalf of the people of Mexico, on behalf of our family. Come let’s get the music that the commander liked so much“, said.

In that presentation he also explained King, besides the famous song Hill’s law, also by Vicente Fernandez. what’s more, Commented on his previous meeting with Nicolas Maduro, who at that time barely took the reins of the South American country.

“We were talking about how hard it has been, and they thank the Mexican people so much for coming to represent our music,” the singer said.

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