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Packages of 292 Taiwanese tourists lost on Vietnam’s Phu Quoc island

Some tourists bought travel during the Spring FestivalvietnamThe 5-day, 4-night tour to Phu Quoc Island departed on the 10th of this month, the first day of the Lunar New Year. Unexpectedly, the travel agency failed to pay the local pick-up travel agency. As a result, about 292 travelers were left without a car or tour guide. There may also be no return flight, and you’ll have to pay $720 out of town to continue your trip.

Yug Yatra: Communicating differences with local travel

Lin Dajun, general manager of ERA Travel, previously denied this, saying that the two parties had signed a contract to fix the monthly payment, and that ERA was hijacked by a Vietnamese ground travel agency. In the afternoon, Lin Dajun held a press conference again and said that he had reached an agreement with Vietnam Winner Travel Agency and confirmed that the agreement will be reached on the 26th. Itineraries will be resumed as soon as possible to allow passengers to return to Taiwan smoothly. He also stressed that the incident was caused by communication and cognitive differences with Vietnamese local officials, and apologized for the inconvenience caused to the group’s passengers.

Travelers angrily condemned: Chinese New Year tour group suffered fraud

Travelers complained that they took a charter flight to Phu Quoc Island on the first day of the New Year. After flying there, the local travel agency announced that Taipei | The Phu Quoc Island charter flight was organized by US and Canada International Travel Service (Era Travel). ) was operated by the WInnER travel agency in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, and received separate local receptions. There were a total of 292 passengers on the 3 flights. Age Travel guarantees payment one day before departure. WInnER travel agency welcomed overseas Taiwanese tourists based on humanitarianism, but Edge Travel was responsible and creditable.bankruptcyMaliciously due to the outstanding amount which has not been paid since January, and this time due to airline charges, passengers will not be able to take the return flight to Taiwan as scheduled.

After returning to Taiwan, tourists can file a complaint with the Tourism Quality Assurance Association to recover tour fees on Phu Quoc Island, the statement said. Travelers who were originally happy to travel abroad during the Spring Festival were greatly surprised. He complained angrily, “This is my first time traveling abroad with my family and children on a group tour during the Chinese New Year, and I encountered a scam!”

In response to this situation, Lin Dajun emphasized on the 12th that there are 4 local pick-up companies for travel itineraries in Phu Quoc Island, but one of the ground pick-up travel agencies originally Agreed that the fee would be monthly, and the contract was signed. I just picked up the group, but I didn’t expect that the place I picked up from would regret it and ask for advance payment.

Lin Dajun said that there were about 800 people on the tour on the 9th and 10th, a total of 4 chartered flights. Due to the large number of people, they cooperated with 4 Vietnamese ground operators. Before departure, they reached an agreement with the ground operators, and payment was settled 12 days after the group returned. Subsequently, the winning travel agency became concerned about not receiving payment due to the accreditation discrepancy, so it issued a statement and collected payment from travelers.

Lin Dajun also called Tang Kai, the head of WInnER travel agency, to the press conference. Tang Kai said about 90 local group tourists paid an additional US$720. For those who had already swiped their cards, Edge Travel will be responsible for managing the payments.

Currently, it is known that 16 passengers have previously returned to Taiwan, and they will be contacted in the future. Edge Travel is solely responsible for expenses incurred. Passengers who were originally scheduled to depart on the 14th but were unable to join the group will also be compensated and settled after the launch of the project.

As for the question about financial issues, Lin Dajun clarified that it was a misunderstanding. The so-called tour fee payment statements were based on a unitary, monthly or weekly system. Edge Travel has no outstanding balance and stressed that the company’s financial problems are not problematic.

Ground Operator: Less than 10% of tour fee received

According to the Central News Agency, Tang Kai, general manager of Winner International Travel Agency in Vietnam, which is responsible for the reception, said that Taiwan’s Edge Travel has paid only less than 1/10 of the tour fee so far, and did There is money owed to other local travel agencies and airlines. He is worried that other parties will not pay the money. As a last resort, all travel has been suspended. Edge Travel had earlier assured them that the payment would be settled on the 26th, but neither party has yet signed or stamped it. Edge Travel announced in Taiwan that both parties had confirmed this.



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