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Panda “Fu Bao” returned to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to thank Korean breeders for his careful care

in July 2020South KoreaThe giant panda “Fubao”, born due to the expiration of the agreement, left for mainland China today. Mainland Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that we welcome “Fubao”‘s return to China and thank Korean breeders for the careful care of “Fubao”. He also pointed out that giant pandas are rare and endangered wild animals loved by people all over the world and are a good example of expressing China’s friendly messenger of people-to-people friendship.

Wang Wenbin said that in 2016, China and South Korea officially launched a cooperative research project on giant panda conservation. After the giant pandas “Yuan Xin (Korean name: Lebao)” and “Hua Ni (Aibao)” arrived in South Korea, both sides have raised pandas in the Giant Panda Conservation Center. Useful results have been achieved in breeding, scientific research, technological exchange and enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese and Korean peoples.

He said that in accordance with the cooperation agreement signed by China and South Korea, “Fubao” will leave for China today. We welcome “Fubao” to return to China and thank the Korean breeders for the careful care of “Fubao”.

“Fubao” was born on July 20, 2020. It is the first cub born in Lebao and Aibao in South Korea, and is loved by most South Koreans. However, according to the relevant agreement signed between China and South Korea, Fubao must return to mainland China before he reaches the age of 4.

When Fu Bao left Everland on the 3rd, Park held a farewell ceremony in Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Four keepers accompanied Fu Bao’s vehicle and slowly circled Everland to say goodbye to the public.

According to Everland, Fubao will take a charter flight to the Wolong Shenshuping Base of China’s Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center in Sichuan Province later on the 3rd. Upon arrival, Fubao will be kept in an isolation and quarantine area for 30 days.

Li Guo, deputy director of the Shenshuping Base, said that Fubao’s “new home” after returning to China is still uncertain, but he will first move to the isolation and quarantine area of ​​the Shenshuping Base. After quarantine, he will be moved to one of four facilities under China’s Giant Panda Conservation and Research Centre. He also emphasized that the Shenshuping Base is fully prepared to welcome Fubao, and has established several working groups to take care of food and daily life during the isolation period to ensure that Fubao Spend the period healthy and safely.

On April 3, local time, “Fubao” left Everland in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea and headed back to mainland China. The photo shows “Fu Bao” about to board the loading vehicle and the breeder sees him off.China News Service



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