‘Pandemic isn’t over yet’ federal agencies mourn half-staff flag as 1 million Americans die

The death toll from the new crown in the United States has passed 1 million, and the White House has halved the flag in mourning. (The Associated Press)

BidenThe President said at the 2nd Global New Crown Summit on the 12th, “EpidemicThe pandemic is not over yet. The United States has hit a “tragic milestone” of 1 million deaths. He ordered federal agencies across the country to fly half-way to show condolences; Biden again shouts at Republicans, urging Congress to pass an additional budget to control the pandemic.

Ahead of this year’s summit, the World Health Organization (WHO) fixed the worldwide number of deaths from the coronavirus at more than 6.25 million.

Biden said the world should not be complacent with the status quo, adding that the pandemic is not over and fighting the virus remains an international priority.

Biden said that 1 million Americans lost their lives for the new crown, meaning there are 1 million chairs at the dinner tables of families across the United States, an irreparable loss for every family; Biden said that suffering should not be numb in front of it.

Biden called on the international community to start now to prevent the next type of virus and the next pandemic.

Biden said in the beginning that he would continue to promotevaccineand WHO-related patented technologies, such as new crown vaccines and trials that are still in the early development stage, and to support manufacturers around the world in development for the benefit of low- and middle-income countries encourage.

In addition, according to the White House’s list of achievements, the United States will invest an additional $200 million in the World Bank’s Global Public Health Fund and $20 million in low-income countries to test and treat the new coronavirus.

The White House called on all countries to renew their commitments to fighting the pandemic. The New York Times reported that in the face of the next phase of anti-epidemic work, Germany donated $1.5 billion, Canada an additional $732 million, and South Korea invested $300 million, while the United States itself suffered budget constraints. faced.

The new Crown supplement budget proposed by the Biden administration in early March totaled US$22.5 billion, of which US$5 billion was used to aid the global fight against the pandemic. The entire matter was opposed by the Republican Party in Congress and has been delayed to this day.

The video summit was co-hosted by the United States, Belize, Germany, Indonesia and Senegal. Senior US officials said countries around the world have so far invested more than $3 billion to tackle the new crown virus; US media Axios reported that the new Crown Summit on 12th raised more than $3 billion in new funds worldwide.

Senior officials told before the meeting that the summit has three priorities. First, the pandemic is not over yet. To combat the new subtype of virus, more resources should be devoted to the development and promotion of vaccines; The summit will focus on the provision of vaccines, tests and treatments for high-risk groups as people die from the novel coronavirus. Third, to prevent the next version of the virus, countries need to strengthen their surveillance capabilities and develop medical countermeasures.

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