Paolo Guerrero: “Alianza is going to be Lima champion because Jefferson Farfan is there”

U.S.A.Paolo Guerrero: "Alianza is going to be Lima champion...

Paolo Guerrero is recovering from a knee injury. Photo: Reuters

paolo guerrero gave his opinion on the second stage between Lima Alliance And sporting crystal by the title of league 1, ‘Predator’ is confident the ‘Blue and White’ team will be able to kick off Sunday’s soccer championship in Peru as Jefferson Farfan This is part of the intimate staff. The captain of the national team may return to attend the national stadium as of last weekend.

“Happy to win, but now we have a game to go and hopefully Alianza can win. I am very confident because I have my best friend (Jefferson Farfan) who is there and I know he going to do that.”Those were the words of the Peruvian striker for Villax Deportes.

The former Flamengo player previously referred to ‘Foquita’ performance in the final. ’10 de la Calle’ enters 58 minutes to convert Wilmer Aguirre and showed its entire hierarchy with a ‘cap’ Omar Merlo, Obviously . From Carlos Bustos Worked by giving him days off as the Peruvian winger was very participatory and in good physical condition. “I get on very well”When asked about his friend, Paolo replied.

he was in the national

Donna Peta’s son was present at the ‘home of the national team’ on 21 November. The 37-year-old arrived in his black truck with his youngest daughter and did not stop to speak to the press. As is known, he is in Lima to recover from his injury after returning from Germany, where it was thought that he would have a new knee operation.

Paolo Guerrero was at Nacional with his youngest children.
Paolo Guerrero was at Nacional with his youngest children.

The future of ‘hunter’

The scorer’s next club from ‘Bicolor’ is not yet known, informed by his surroundings that he wants to be fully recovered to make a decision. However, rumors of reconciliation with clubs are heard every day and one of the possibilities is their joining Boca Juniors, In the past, the former Hamburg footballer was also related to the Argentine team, but nothing happened to him.

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How would a champion be defined?

Lima Alliance And sporting crestThey will be measured again this Sunday, November 28 at 3:00 PM (Peruvian Time) National. In the first duel, the leadership of Bustos was left with victory with the goal of Hernan Barcos. However, the key is not closed yet as there is only one target difference. Next we will tell you how it will be defined.

According to Peruvian football rules, the winner will be known after two matches have been played, one for the first leg and the other for the return. Afterwards, the number of goals at the end of those games is equal, it will be played 30 extra minutes, divided into two 15-minute halves. If neither club has an advantage in extra time, then a penalty shootout Until the new 2021 champion is determined.

It should be added that in this version there will be no added value for away goals. Only the number of goals scored in both the matches will be taken into account, the one with the biggest difference will automatically be the winner of the local tournament. In the end, the champion of this edition will win the total. 354 thousand dollarsWhile the runner-up will get $236,000.

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