Paolo Guerrero contacts Boca Juniors: ‘mentor’ Bermudez comes to Lima to know his physical condition

U.S.A.Paolo Guerrero contacts Boca Juniors: 'mentor' Bermudez comes to...

Paolo Guerrero terminated his contract with the International at the end of October.

the future is paolo guerrero It should be defined before the start of 2022 and everything indicates that he will continue his career in South America, a continent best suited for his recovery in the knee due to the formats of the competitions. Uncertainty after terminating his contract with Internacional de Brasil, to know where he will play and may be one of the teams Boca Juniors,

According to the information received from Ovation, George ‘Patron’ Bermudez, Football Council of the Argentine Society, Lima a few weeks ago. was in and spoke with the technical body of Peru team To know the physical condition of the striker. Let us tell you that this employee is rehabilitating from Widena facilities and they have accurate information so far.

After his meeting with Nestor Bonillo, ‘Blanqueiroza’ physical trainer, is understood to be back in the next few days to speak directly with the Colombian player and comment on the proposal for the ‘Zeniz’ team, which had two Peruvians in the 2021 season: Carlos Zambrano and Louis Edwincula.

At the end of October 2021, Paolo Guerrero and Internazionale terminated the contract by mutual agreement, Recall that the Peruvian came to the ‘Colorado’ team from Flamengo in 2018, but was able to debut in 2019 with 32 goals in 72 matches.

Paolo Guerrero is recovering in Lima.
Paolo Guerrero is recovering in Lima.

Paolo Guerrero Club:

– Bayern Munich

– Hamburg SV

– Corinthians

– flamengo

– International

Paolo Guerrero to quit playing for Alianza Lima in 2022

paolo guerrero He again spoke to the local press. The ‘hunter’ stopped while leaving La Videna this afternoon and was asked about his possible return Lima Alliance, The Peruvian team’s forward does not yet have plans to return to the blue-and-white box at least next year and is evaluating proposals from other leagues.

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“I have already said this and what they ask me is repetition. I am a fan of Alianza to death, but I do not plan to return”, Answered questions about the possibility of wearing an ‘intimate’ shirt again in 2022.

NÉStor Bonilla dismisses Guerrero for the next match

Nestor Bonillo, member of technical command Peru teamMILF’s injury talked again paolo guerrero, The Argentine is one of the most attentive to the development of his knee injury. The physical trainer told in a recent interview that ‘Predator’ does not have a double date in its head. playoffsBut to be completely fine.

“We, nor did he think it has to happen in January. What we are considering is that it will have to recover 100%. When that happens will see what date he will play.”Bonillo asked for Villax Deportes.

Why doesn’t Paolo Guerrero play?

“I must solve my problem with the knee that doesn’t want to let me play”, He said after the game against Chile for the South American qualifiers. Paolo Guerrero traveled to Germany to review his knee injury, but ultimately decided to undergo surgery and continue with therapy and rehabilitation, the same process Jefferson Farfan healed.

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Paolo Guerrero: “Alianza is going to be Lima champion because Jefferson Farfan is there”

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