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Parents sued LA school district for vaccinating son without consent

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According to NBC 4,Los AngelesjointSchool District(LAUSD) Maribel Duarte, the mother of a 13-year-old boy, said on 27th that she is suing the school district, saying the school district vaccinated her child without her consent.Vaccinationand claimed that the school even “bribes” him with pizza.


Duarte first spoke to TV about his son Moises in December 2021 at the Barack Obama Global Prep Academy in South Los Angeles. She said her son told her he was given pizza in lieu of vaccinations and asked his mother to sign the consent form.

Duarte claims that the vaccination revived his son’s childhood asthma and haemorrhage. With a lawyer on the 27th, she confirmed that she sued the school district, saying that even though she had been vaccinated, she did not want her son to be vaccinated.

“It’s not a conspiracy theory, but the authorities protect the rights of the children’s parents,” said Duarte’s attorney, Nicole Pearson.

He has also raised his voice against California‘s SB 866, introduced by Senator Scott Wiener, which would allow children 15 and older to be vaccinated without parental consent.

Earlier this month, a judge dismissed the Los Angeles Unified School District’s mandatory vaccine order for students that, like California, had been delayed until next summer. Both sides are currently preparing for a legal battle over how much freedom minors should have to determine their health.



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