Paula Andrea Betancur, Carlos Antonio Velez and other celebrities complain about Avianca’s service: “You really made it hell to travel again”

U.S.A.Paula Andrea Betancur, Carlos Antonio Velez and other celebrities...

Carlos Antonio Velez and Paula Andrea Betancur have expressed their dissatisfaction with Avianca’s service. Photos: Archive / Instagram @paulaandreabetancur

Changes you submitted avianca In recent times, on the occasion of low fixed cost and be able to survive among Financial Crisis The way it runs has not been liked by many of its users. line of customer service, the high ticket prices And this modern thug Inside the planes are some of the criticisms expressed by the community.

corresponds to one of the key points within the reorganization For the support the organization received from the United States Southern District Court of New York. It no longer belongs to Colombia and has been renamed Avianca Group International Limited, based in United Kingdom, remember that the company was declared bankrupt in May 2020.

Paula Andrea Betancur:

In fact, many celebrities, for example, have not hidden their annoyance at the service provided by the airline. One of the cases presented in the past hours corresponds to a former beauty queen, Paula Andrea Betancur, who argued that he had bought a certain chair and When she boarded the plane they found her somewhere else.

“Look what they sell you in Avianca. They tell you that you have to buy the first three chairs to travel like this,” he insisted at first. And he continued: “I’m going to show you my boarding pass, how they sold me chairs and where did they send me, it’s outrageous,

As he reported via social network, the first thing he achieved was high value chairs For Be more comfortable with your 16 month old daughter, but, apparently, they changed the numbering and the initial cost was retained. “I bought the first three to be comfortable with Fatima and I’m going to board the plane and see what they give me, 10D, which Obviously the chair is cheap and they charged me the most expensive,

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Carlos Antonio Velez:

The sports journalist also told about the service being provided recently. The complaint was made through his Twitter account, where he gave the example About the treatment a woman received for facing a problem with her belongings, Velez described the airline’s actions as a “reaction from the local fleet”.

“Avianca’s service remains the worst. A passenger leaves with his suitcase on 027 which left Madrid today [domingo], She comes and not her suitcase. Instant claim and response from local fleet. “We don’t know where it is because the barcode was not registered.” how irresponsible”, he said on Sunday night.

“Hi Carlos. Our airport team is reviewing the matter and is in contact with Madrid. As soon as the stuff is updated, we will share it with the client, I’m Angelica”, was the company’s response.

Carolina Ramirez:

a few weeks ago Carolina Ramirez He spoke about his bad experience with the company while communicating over the phone. “I want you to hear well this sound (which is clearly called falling) followed by Avianca’s voice 45 minutes Waiting for them to answer me. thanks avianka, you really made the journey hell“Kelena insists via stories on her Instagram account.

according to a task between Ministry of Transportation And this transport superintendent, it was evidence that avianca And Viva Air Those were the companies that got the most complaints from users first six months of 2021 (January June). Most of these procedures (63.3%) correspond to the airline sector: 4.640 petitions, complaints, claims and suggestions (Pqrs) against Avianca, and 3.645 Against Viva Air

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