Pavone bursts out with rage for the change and almost fought with Zambrano on the bench of Boca’s substitutes

U.S.A.Pavone bursts out with rage for the change and...

Boca Juniors lost to the Independent in Avellaneda couldn’t get closer to Qualification conditions for the next Copa Libertadores, Carlos Benavidez was the author of the only goal for Rojo, which became one of two chances he had. in the first half, in that state, Xeneize left a great image, They had many obvious dangerous situations, but It was not right when specifying them. It should be noted that Sebastian War for this meeting He Sarmiento. had modified seven players in relation to the previous game against Junin in Bombonera. Despite this the team was still not in bad shape.

But everything changed in the plugin. Boca Juniors were more nervous and the Independent took advantage of it. The local team closed well and were kicking Xeneize out of the game with a counterattack. Battaglia calls for change Quickly, even five made at the Libertadores de América stadium were accompanied by footballers he had taken out to rest (Cardona, Vazquez, Fabra, Villa and Ramírez).

The first two were on the 16th minute when he arranged for Agustin Almendra’s exit and christian pavone, bus kitchen When the bank reacted with fury one of the protagonists was Synonyms. Next, after greeting the coach, hit the ceiling several times relay field and then flipped a couple bottles to the playground. One of them even had to lift his partner Fabra, while Overtook Carlos Zambrano for the last time.

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a Peruvian man, who was next to him, He asked her to calm down and, before Cordovan could react, he stood up and had a discussion that did not take place with the adults due to the quick intervention of his classmates. and goalkeeping coach, Fernando Gayoso. in pictures captured by the cameras of ESPN It can also be seen that Zambrano and Pavono They kept on arguing from a distance, yet they stopped talking by shaking hands.

Carlos Izquierdoz was Boca Juniors’ other great hero who unleashed general nervousness. in Avellaneda. captain He couldn’t control himself when Alan Velazco kicked him a ball away and elbowed him at the level of the abdomen. referee pablo echvaria scolded him at first, but when all the independent footballers reprimanded him, he went back and showed him straight red to the central guard. Of course, the judge, who did not do a good job and the game went out of hand several times, confused the card and corrected it in time.

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