“Peace agreement seen as a model around the world”: EU

U.S.A."Peace agreement seen as a model around the world":...

Bogota November 24, 2016. At the Köln Theater in the city centre, the definitive agreement to end the 52 Years’ War between the FARC and the government was signed. In the photo: Juan Manuel Santos, President of the Republic and Rodrigo Londoo Echeveri aka “Timochenko, Timolón Jiménez”. (Colpresa – Juan Pez). colpressa

on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the signing of Final peace agreement between the State of Colombia and the former Guerrilla FarsiThe European Union (EU) sent a message of support to the agreement and assured that it is an agreement that is seen as a model to be followed around the world.

The EU noted that the agreement ended a decades-long conflict that killed more than 200,000 people and displaced millions. “The FARC has disarmed and the vast majority of their former fighters are committed to rejoining society. The comprehensive system of truth, justice, indemnity and non-repetition is in full operation And they work closely with Colombia’s common justice system”, said the European Community.

However, he said that peace has not yet reached all parts of Colombia. He put on the table the security situation in remote and marginalized areas, which remains grim and represents the main challenge to the peace process today.

    Photo: European Parliament
Photo: European Parliament

“Violence against local communities continues, as well as the killings of their leaders, human rights and environmental defenders, and former combatants. The integral presence of the state in these areas, including their civil institutions, is a precondition for peace and stability. and support for economic and social development, building on the basis of development programs with a regional approach of the Colombian government”, the European Union explained.

The Colombian Peace Accord is seen as a model around the world. The European Union reaffirms its strong support for the full implementation of the Agreement

The European Union stressed that they would continue to work in close cooperation with the Colombian government, the Communes Party (ex-FARC), civil society and all national stakeholders and international partners, notably the United Nations, the Organization of American States. and guarantor country, to build the lasting peace that Colombia deserves.

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same day, members of UN Security Council He congratulated the parties to the agreement for the significant achievements of the peace process. He recalled that the final peace agreement had not only ended five decades of conflict, but also laid the foundation for profound changes to address its root causes and ensure lasting peace.

View of the United Nations Security Council in file photograph.  EFE / Justin Lane
View of the United Nations Security Council in file photograph. EFE / Justin Lane

Members of the Security Council noted the importance of implementing all aspects of it, including racial and gender-related provisions – and addressing the critical remaining challenges, giving all actors the opportunity to double down on the opportunity for this milestone and its comprehensive implementation. encouraged to accelerate their efforts towards To build long-term peace.

But the international body also reiterated your concern about the constant threats, attacks and killings directed at former combatants, who surrendered their weapons as participants in the peace process, as well as community and social leaders, including women leaders and women from indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities.

They underscored the importance of addressing recurrent violence in conflict-affected areas, including by strengthening security and security measures, implementing a comprehensive rural reform that includes alternatives to illicit economies, and in the unified presence of the state. improvement is included.

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