Pedro Castillo draws attention to congressmen: “Instead of thinking of Peru, they think of something else”

U.S.A.Pedro Castillo draws attention to congressmen: "Instead of thinking...

Pedro Castillo. Photo: Andina.

President Pedro Castillo he drew attention again congressmen who insist on promoting presidential vacancy, and congratulated MPs that if they cared about it “Needs and Demands” of citizen.

The President had these words at the conclusion of “Meeting of the Executive with the Mayors of Rural and Urban Municipalities”, held at the Lima Convention Center, where he also indicated that he would visit next week republic congress To discuss the budget for the year 2022

“Next week we will visit the Congress of the Republic to discuss the budget for the year 2022. From here I want to congratulate some of the Congressmen on their maturity, they are not all, but there are people who deserve the respect of the country and officials, because they are concerned for Peru”, he expressed.

“Some congressmen, far from thinking about Peru, are thinking something else. I don’t think anyone in the country has elected him for this (presidential vacancy). So we believe that the mayors who have their own Cities have fellow Congressmen, it is essential for them to contact them to talk to them so that they can see the needs of each city.” Castillo added.

in that feeling, Pedro Castillo He said that a public official must be consistent with his actions and his speech, otherwise, the only people affected are the people.

“Inside the hemicycle it says something else and outside it says something else. One has to be consistent, the need is the same, the people have the same demands and the same needs. It needs the unity of the authorities”, Argument.

Finally, the head of state specified that the executive should be allowed to function in spite of the problems the interns were facing, as they do not hold a high position due to “no ambition”.

He said, “The bad things have to be fixed, let’s not stop at the media issues. We as a government still have problems in the environment, but it is up to us to fix it. But they will never find signs of corruption.” , commented.

“People need to know who is who. We are not here for any ambition, we are here for Peru and for Peru we have to fulfill the same responsibility that the same people have entrusted to us. We are here with the President, Congressmen and Ministers. To work together is for those who have chosen us for that. Finished.

cad 2021. in Pedro Castillo

A few hours ago, the President of the Republic appeared in Businessmen’s meeting concludes CADE 2021 And he balances more than 100 days of his management, in addition to guaranteeing national trade security legal protection, saying that “they continue to bet on the country. Invest without fear and create jobs with rights”.

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Castillo took this opportunity to respond to the concern that exists for country’s political stability, especially due to the latest crises and a . after the presentation of Presidential vacancy motion against him by Congresswoman Patricia Chirinos,

“I understand your concern for the country’s political stability. I am a legitimate president who has been elected to bring change to the Peruvian people. I affirm myself in those change objectives. I have strong institutions and democracy.” There is a strong desire to continue working within the framework of law and rule of law, but we must know that democracy and governance are made together. Not just on one side. It serves the interests of the country without any hindrance, Made without any restrictions, without money and without disturbing the balance of powers, keeping the interests of the country ahead.Castillo Terrones said.

He insisted that “the futile confrontation has done great harm to the country and only created frustration and mistrust among citizens, politicians and institutions.”

“We cannot turn our backs on citizens, we must listen to the claims and clamor of those who seek a solution to their historical demands. People want to take care, people want to see that businessmen, officials at different levels and their governments work together. He wants to see his politicians proposing solutions, he wants to see unions go beyond protecting their affiliated unions. The government I am leading has a vision of a fairer and more just country. We want to join hands with the business community to build a society in which it is possible to progress honestly. A country where we see ourselves as equals and we can feel confident in ourselves, a country where we can fulfill the wishes of the generations to come. These are times that call for unity and not division, cooperation and not conflict. Only in this way can we achieve the great goals we all share”, sentenced the President.

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