Pedro Castillo has been officially informed of the request for the presidency

U.S.A.Pedro Castillo has been officially informed of the request...

Pedro Castillo in his first address to the nation as President of Peru.

President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, He was officially informed about the vacancy offer that exists against him for permanent moral incapacitation. The office bears the signature of the head of Congress, MariCarmen Alva, And he is already in the office of the Government Palace.

In short, the document was presented this morning to inform the head of state of the existence of a vacancy motion against him. Document processing and digitization field of the Congress of the Republic.

In the event of the rehabilitation and improvement of the airport pavement and passenger terminal building of the said city, the notification was presented at an average of 3 pm, at the time when Pedro Castillo was in the Jauja, Junín Department.

In his inaugural address, he did not say anything related to the opposition’s attempts to oust him from power or any reference against the Congress, as he has done on other occasions.

“Let’s sit down and talk let’s stop the extravagant conflict that is doing a lot of damage to the country, stop this conflict that does a lot of damage to our teachers and the kids who are waiting to attend, so that they can visit their friends. , his companions and teachers “Told Huancavelica a few days ago.

Notice of vacancy offer.
Notice of vacancy offer.

The vacancy was later promoted by Patricia Chirinos, Congresswoman of Avanza Pace, to gain support. popular forcery Renovación is popular, so it has 28 signatures.

In the submitted file it is written that “The moral incompetence of President José Pedro Castillo Terrones is based and recorded on the appointment to high public positions of those who are contrary to the rule of law and the democratic system for their terrorist ties and apologies for terrorism, the armed forces and the hearing.” for their intervention for personal motivation and their full consent to the violation of the human rights of women through violence”.

It also specified that Pedro Castillo’s vacancy is due to permanent moral incapacity, a figure of extraordinary seriousness that falls on the Congress of the Republic as a whole and in particular. Furthermore, they point out that the president‘s silence is part of these inefficiencies.

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“To make decisions with silence and concealment for important processes in the government and state, to facilitate access to ministerial power for factions affiliated with the Shining Path criminal organization, factions such as Konare and Fenatape with which it is still committed and The appointment of ministers is linked to serious crimes like terrorism., it reads.

“By appointing non-suitable ministers to the post, which also affects the institutional structure of the armed forces and police forces, abruptly alters the meritocratic ranks of the said institutions”, They add up.

what is the next step

After the presentation of a motion for a presidential vacancy, which has 28 signatures, at least 52 votes are needed for the document to be accepted for debate, and thus President Pedro Castillo is asked to answer the list of questions prepared by lawmakers. You have to go to Congress to get an answer.

“The most dire situation requires 87 votes” [para vacar al presidente], Maintains political scientist Carlos Melendez. “This means that the executive must have at least 44 votes to defend itself. And this government, if we look at the level of cohesion that exists between Peru Libre and Juntos por el Peru, may vote to avoid this measure”.

“There is a group of Congressmen who as a priority now have an ‘express presidential vacancy’ on their agenda and this is not only a major problem for the political system, but it further deepens the crisis of civic confidence that exists in Congress.” that has remained at a very low level for many decades.” Comment political analyst Santiago Mariani.

But if the Congress of the Republic receives 87 votes, the vacancy will be approved and as a result Castillo Terrones will be removed from the presidency of the Republic with only four months of power.

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