Pedro Castillo: “If there is a case of corruption I present the use and customs of the round”

U.S.A.Pedro Castillo: "If there is a case of corruption...

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president of the republic, Pedro Castillo, referred to the “problems” that reached the Government Palace, after it was learned that a Team from Lima’s Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office Bruno Pacheco, the former secretary of the presidential office, will receive $20,000 in cash in the bathroom, as part of the investigation “for an alleged offense against the public administration of effect to the detriment of the state“., Pressured against Sunat’s chief for allegedly favoring certain companies and individuals.

,Peru has reached its bicentenary with an urgent need to bring about change in economic, political and social matters. With the urgent need to leave behind crises like poverty, inequality, inequality and corruption, which have caused us enormous losses. what hereI want to stop and tell you that the internal problems and the problems which happen in the government, palace, we have to fix them.”, the President said during his speech at the Peru Mipimes 2021-2022 seminar.

If only al conscious?

Furthermore, the head of state assured that he would be subject to “peasant-round customs and customs”, which often lashed out at those who committed corruption or crimes, if there was a case of corruption that implied it.

,I come from a patrol (city) and I present, If any case (of corruption) occurs, for uses and Custom of tours. You have to approve the cases to happen”, he expressed.

buy from micro-companies

On the other hand, the President also announced a new boost to shopping myperu With a more decentralized approach. In this sense, he pointed out that By 2026, the state has a target to purchase 4 billion soles from micro and small businesses.,

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,We are going to stand firm that the state buys from micro and small businesses. , We will give opportunities to shoe makers, carpenters. confectioners, for metalworkers, craftsmen and other brothers, micro and small entrepreneurs so that they can sell their products to state institutions”, he indicated.

,Peruvians have to consume national products. In this sense, I join the ‘Buy Peruano, Buy from Peru’ campaign‘”she added.

In addition, he said that his management wants that Banco de la Nación “become an agent of development, social support and inclusion, so that it provides loans to micro and small businesses,

Entrepreneurs’ work highlighted

Castillo reaffirmed that his government was laying the foundation for a fairer and more equitable economic growth, which would be made possible by the work of the micro and small businesses that sustain the country.

In this sense, he highlights the daily work of Peruvian entrepreneurs who, through their efforts, promote productivity, employment and become the main ally against poverty and inequality in Peru.

,The challenges in this country are enormous and the common challenges we face are enormous, but we are laying the foundation for a fairer and more equitable development for the benefit of all Peruvians.”, he emphasized in his speech.

The head of state attended the event along with the Minister of Production, Jorge Luis Prado, and Ricardo Marquez, president of the National Society of Industries.

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