Pedro Castillo’s vacancy: what’s hidden behind Congress’s recurring mechanism?

U.S.A.Pedro Castillo's vacancy: what's hidden behind Congress's recurring mechanism?

Pedro Castillo on his zero hour request for a vacancy. (Photo Creation Infobae)

This Thursday, with 28 signatures, it was submitted in republic congress speed of vacancy against the president Pedro Castillo, The project, promoted by Avanza Pais legislator Patricia Chirinos, calls for removal due to permanent moral incapacity.

For Miguel Antezana, professor of corporate communication programs at the ESAN Graduate School of Business, vacancy is not the answer, nor will it solve the country’s problems. “Like we say the Constituent Assembly is not going to solve the country’s problems, nor will Castillo’s removal from power create a vacancy”,

He argued that although the President of the Republic is the head of the executive, He alone is not responsible for what is happening at the economic, political and social level in the country. RHe recognized that his greatest weakness was not to surround himself with willing people; However, the events of the past few days have prompted Castillo to turn to other political arenas, and recruit people who do not belong to free peru,

For the analyst, it could be a turn towards something that was raised from the start, which is a broad-based government and not necessarily a Left. In that sense, the vacancy is not the solution, the solution will be to help Castillo stay there for the next five years.

Regarding the presidential vacancy, Antezana explained that “it is a perverse mechanism, which is misused and manipulated for political purposes.” And with respect to the antecedents of moral incapacity, it follows from previous formations, but the concept is so broad, redundant, abstract, and so strange that one cannot define it and set parameters.

“What could mean moral incompetence? Someone running a red light at a traffic light? Someone stealing a piece of candy? Not paying alimony? The concept is so pervasive. Plus, it comes from the last century.” And it refers to mental incapacity, that’s what it was originally meant for”, he pointed out.

It should be remembered that this was the last presidential vacancy since 2000 that was best remembered for Alberto Fujimori. However, Parliament has tried to use this mechanism six times since 2017. The dismissal was sought twice, with Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (December 2017 and March 2018), twice with Martin Vizcarra (September and November 2020, the latter approved), an attempt with Francisco Sagasti (April 2021), And currently with Pedro Castillo. ,

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Antezana says that this constitutional resource of Congress has been misused for some years. He recalled that the vacancy was first mentioned by Fujimori (Congressman Hector Baseril) at the beginning of the PPK tenure.

According to the expert, the phrase moral incompetence itself has led to a distorted interpretation. They believe that there should be constitutional reforms, but the Congressmen we have are not going to do so. “Political interests in the country suggest that they are not interested in turning this element of instability to pressure the government. And those who lose are all of us citizens.”, he referred.

Will go for the bolt?

In the case of the vacancy request against Pedro Castillo, Antezana says the same scenario is difficult to replicate when Vizcarra was evacuated, and thousands took to the streets to protest. The case of the current President is different. For example, he has a vice president, something that the Moqueguano politician did not have.

“If they remove Castillo, the government of Peru Libre will not end, because Dina Boluarte She is in charge of the presidency, and she would have to make a new vacancy proposal to remove her, but that would be a compelling scenario, and would make it more clear that this is all a political issue, just to remove Peru Libre from power. . A vacancy against Boluart would be tough enough”, said the expert.

,  Image: Channel No
, Image: Channel No

But if the case were to vacate Boluarte, the president of the Congress would take over, and new elections would have to be called. In that case, would there be popular performances? “The population will not react in support of Castillo, but they will react against the political game of Congress, which we remember has a disapproval of about 80%.”

He recalled that there hasn’t been a mass call in the recent vacancy march. This does not mean that Lima is on Castillo’s side, but they are also not in favor of the vacancy, as many suspect the issue is being manipulated by private interests.

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