Persib Don’t Need Referee’s Help but Are Stupid When Facing Persija

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SOLO – Persib Bandung confirmed that they are ready to perform with the best game against Persija Jakarta in the 2021-2022 Liga 1 third series match at the Manahan Stadium, Solo, Saturday (20/11/2021). Persib captain Supardi Nasir emphasized that Maung Bandung did not need the help of a referee to win the match.

“I just hope that the judge on duty can do as fairly as possible. We don’t need their help either (to win the match), I ask (the referee to lead the match well),” said Persib captain Supardi Nasir, Friday (11/19/2021). ).

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Instead of needing the help of the referee, Persib actually needed the support and prayers of Bobotoh, his loyal supporter. Because, it will be very helpful for the players in winning the game. Although he could not support directly at the stadium, Supardi still hopes that Bobotoh will continue to give support and prayers in various ways.

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“We never get tired of telling Bobotoh’s friends to support us, pray for us from home or wherever we are, pray for this team, whoever plays wish the best,” Supardi asked.

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At the same time, coach Robert Alberts emphasized that there are other important things that will be the capital to beat Persija. According to him, the mental factor is quite influential in the big game and full of prestige. However, there is something else that is no less important.

“If we can show a good game, of course we can win the game,” said Robert.

Roberts has also prepared his squad as well as possible while practicing in Bandung. In addition, maturation was also carried out upon arrival of Persib in Yogyakarta which became their headquarters during the third series of Liga 1.


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