Persistent breathing in children after infection? Thoracic department official Lin Mengzhi reminded of follow-up

Lin Mengzhi, a professor of thoracic surgery at Chang Gung, Kaohsiung, explained that after children recover from the epidemic, if they still have physical symptoms such as shortness of breath and asthma, it is best to continue to follow them.Photo/Takao City Hall provided by

A parent in the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, complained that their child would still be wheezing after quarantine and restarting. He was expected to escape the physical education class, but the physical education teacher said, “If you’re breathing, bring a bottle of oxygen here”, which makes parents feel uncomfortable. Lin Mengzhi, professor of thoracic medicine at Kaohsiung Chang Gung, said that most children have mild symptoms after infection, but previous experience with alpha, delta and other virus infections suggests that the proportion of sequelae is much larger, and Omicron is currently Also unknown is peace of mind for a while.

Lin Mengzhi said that after infection with the new crown virus, most of them have mild symptoms such as sore throat, nasal congestion, fever, cough and other upper respiratory tract infections. Although it is not necessarily the cause of pneumonia, it is recommended that children return. to normal life after diagnosis. OK, you can still follow up.

He said that some people will question what it looks like after recovery from the pandemic? However, it should be noted whether the patient has asthma or notAllergiesThis may cause symptoms to persist or even worsen. In addition, the new coronavirus can also cause embolism similar to the vascular endothelium and even neurological symptoms. If a child is diagnosed with uncomfortable symptoms, he or she should return to the clinic to rule out the possibility of associated symptoms.

Lin Mengzhi said that the WHO (World Health Organization) is concerned about the sequel of such infections orConfusion, are alert. After symptoms of alpha and delta virus infection are relieved, some people still have sequelae such as fatigue, inability to concentrate, easy body aches, and difficulty breathing during exercise. These may be related to viruses, and the Omicron virus is still being explored by the medical community.

Lin Mengzhi said that there are not many cases of vascular endothelial embolism after infection in children, but this does not mean that there are no cases. Now each hospital is setting up one after the other.coronavirus diseaseThe outpatient clinic recovers after infection, and it is recommended that patients who have been infected continue to return to the clinic for follow-up.

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